NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Okinawa Branch

NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd. Okinawa Branch
Update date: 2017/03/21
Times Bld., 2-2-2 Kumoji, Naha, 900-0015 Okinawa
Okinawa Branch Manager
Yamato Yukawa
8.668.000.000 yen
Other sites
Headquarters: Kato-ku, Tokyo Kanegiba 1 - chome 18 - 7

Message to candidates

"Let's go changing the world." This is our recruitment message.
We believe that our mission is to change the world with ICT and bring happiness to people.
I am seeking those who have a passion for passion for wanting to change the world with ICT!

Company PR

As a core company that holds the NEC Group's social solutions business with ICT, we are developing business based on SI / service and software development for customers in a wide range of industries such as government and municipal governments, local governments, companies from primary industries, etc.

Business content, products and services overview

Our company is responsible for social infrastructure areas such as government agencies, public institutions and financial institutions.
We combine environmental analysis technology, sensor technology, software, etc. to provide solutions.
In recent years there is a big need for security technologies such as cyber terrorism and internet related crime prevention, fingerprint authentication etc.
We also install systems in mountains, rivers and dams to analyze big data and prepare for disasters.
In Okinawa, we provide tourism related solutions in addition to government agencies, public institutions, medical institutions and financial institutions.

Proprietary technologies, other features

VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access

■ Vendor / NPO certified qualification
PMP (648), ITIL (3, 337), IT coordinator (190)

■ Information processing engineer exam qualification
System architect (740)
Project manager (633)
Network Specialist (884)
Database Specialist (562)
Information security specialist (1,461)
Applied Information Engineer (4,846)
Basic information technician (8,278)

Main achievements, history, group companies etc.

1975 Established NEC Corporation
1985 NEC Corporation Okinawa Center became independent as Okinawa NEC Software Co., Ltd. Then changed its name to NEC Soft Okinawa Corporation in 2001
2000 NEC Corporation changed company name to NEC Soft Co., Ltd.
2001 NEC Soft Co., Ltd. made NEC Soft Okinawa Co., Ltd. a subsidiary
2014 NEC Software Co., Ltd., NEC System Technology Co., Ltd., Hokkaido NEC Software Co., Ltd., NEC Software Tohoku Co., Ltd., Hokuriku NEC Corporation software, Chubu NEC Software Co., Ltd., Kyushu Japan Electronic Software Software NEC Solution Innovator launched after 7 companies merged.
2016 NEC Solution Innovator merges NEC Soft Okinawa Co., Ltd. as Okinawa Branch