Update date: 2017/03/16
P‘s SQUARE 304, 2-4-1 Nishihara, Urasoe, 901-2101 Okinawa
Kunio Okaze
3.000.000 yen

Message to candidates

A new information society that not only humans but various things also lead to the Internet. What is important is not to be drowned by that information. Let's work together through our own specialty fields and create a rich and happy true information society with passion and effort!

Company PR

SERVER IS RUNNING. At this moment your server is working without problems.

A server that became an important information asset of a company now. Through its maintenance, operation and management work, Tetra bit is helping to make customers, ourselves and society as a whole prosperous and secure. In addition to the operation at Okinawa's data center, technicians / personnel who can make optimal situation judgments firmly manage servers in the cloud, which became essential infrastructure now.

Business content, products and services overview

Full managed (all left!) Hosting / Housing service to construct, set up, manage and maintain servers in place of customers. In the case of
In order to respond to the diverse demand in the cloud era in addition to servers operating at disaster-resistant "Okinawa Prefecture Datacenter", we are also working on "cloud-type services" and "servers on other hosting services" Engineers operate and manage all servers in full managed (leave it all!).

Proprietary technologies, other features

· Telecommunications Business Report Number K-17-001
· ISMS / JISQ 27001: Certified 2014 (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013)
· Server construction operation technology (Linux, Windows, etc.)
· Network related technology
· Virtualization related technology such as server
· Database and Web programming related technology, etc.

Main achievements, history, group companies etc.

■ Business Partner Industry
· Government agencies, railways, national university corporations, various organizations, SI companies, hosting companies, ISPs, system development companies, manufacturing, wholesale, retailing (e-commerce), tourism (hotels, travel agencies, etc.), advertising agencies Shops, The Media, Real Estate / Housing Companies, etc.
In the case of
Server operation record
· 200 units or more

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