Risotech. Corporation.

Risotech. Corporation.
Update date: 2017/09/27
Estate Izumisaki 703, 1-19-6 Izumisaki, Naha, 900-0021 Okinawa
Shunsuke Ishiwata
6.000.000 yen
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Vietnam · Ho Chi Minh City: Quang Traung Software City, Dist. 12, HCMC, Vietnam.

Message to candidates

Human resources that can adapt flexibly in a global field.

Company PR

Based on Okinawa, we are promoting software development project utilizing offshore Vietnam.
As an affiliated company in 2014 we established StarboardAsia Company as a software development base in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
We are able to develop software in a wide range of fields from a global perspective and respond to the needs of our customers and utilize nearshore / offshore to provide low cost, high quality software development services.

Business content, products and services overview

· System design, software development
(Java, C #, PHP, C, .net, Andoroid, iOS etc)
· Offshore development (Vietnam)
We cooperate with Vietnam affiliates (Starboard Asia) and local partner companies to provide high quality, low cost services.
· Network construction
· Packaged software sales

Proprietary technologies, other features

Main achievements, history, group companies etc.

In 2014, we established Starboard Asia, an offshore development company as a local subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
We will provide a low cost, high quality development system that absorbs problems of offshore communication and utilizes excellent local engineers.
· Consigned software development
· Laboratory software development
· Vietnamese engineer dispatch

Starboard Asia Co., Ltd.
4F, QTSC 9 Bldg., Street No.3, Quang Trung Software City,
Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, Dist. 12, HCMC, Vietnam.
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