South Wave Inc.

South Wave Inc.
Update date: 2017/03/16
Ginowan Bayside Jouhou Center 5F, 558-18 Uchidomari, Ginowan, 901-2227 Okinawa
Ken Maeda
3.000.000 yen

Message to candidates

All the company staff are bright and pleasantly a pleasant workplace where you can drive into work. Why do not you aim for a professional to build a computer system with us? I am interested in building a computer system and are looking for motivated people.

Company PR

We are actively working on various combinations of software, customization of software, and new development methods so that we can respond quickly to the needs of customers and times.
We are also developing our own products based on the technology and achievements we have cultivated up to now.

Business content, products and services overview

· Website creation: from the planning, design, production to after-sales of the website.
· System Development: System development that runs on Linux · WINDOWS · UNIX, mainly for WEB development.
· Server construction: Construction of Internet servers (WEB, DNS, MAIL, FTP, etc.), intranet server, database server.
· In-house product: Developed "dial life" service for dialysis patients.

"Southern Cross" and many other products and services are offered.

Proprietary technologies, other features

Html/css、html5、css3、Java、PHP、JavaScript、C#、VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access

Main achievements, history, group companies etc.

System development
Development of credit investigation management system for courts, development of chemical search system, construction of sales site for downloading music data, construction of EC site + CTI cooperation solution etc

■ Server construction
Construction of server for local government school, construction of regional Internet / intranet, construction of chemical information search server, construction of online conference server etc.
Acquisition of privacy mark (Certification number 18820184 (03))
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