Company Introduction

Updated: November 16, 2018

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Tel +81-98-987-4775
Fax +81-98-987-4785
Location 〒901-0145
Naha3-8-23 Takara
Shinho Commercial Building 401
Representative Director and President Takaya Taneda
Capital 15.000.000 yen
Founded 2012/11
Other Locations Tokyo Sales Office: 7-17-2 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ark Ginza Building 6F

Message to Candidates

Although it is a small company five years since its establishment, we are looking for people with motivation and dreams, communication skills, without experience.
Those who want to master the state-of-the-art technology in Tokyo and hone their skills are particularly welcome.

Company Profile

We aim to mutual prosperity with all people involved in our company!
(1) We will contribute to the development and improvement of Okinawa.
(2) We will create new "values" and "future" and contribute to realization of affluent and harmonious society.

Based on the technology that we have cultivated and high know-how,
We will provide planning to solve various problems of customers.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

We have received orders from affiliated companies and partner companies, and are engaged in design and development, construction and operation of Web sites, etc.

■ Solution development
We will provide a wide range of services from software development to maintenance and operation and helpdesk with SES business / business outsourcing as the pillar.

■ Corporate site creation
We will consider and create the shape of the site taking into consideration the current situation and goals of customers and the purpose of using the site.
Moreover, we will manage responsibly until maintenance, if there is a demand.

■ Production of CIs such as business cards and company logos
We will propose the best form of branding design from various factors such as customer's business model, client tier and corporate culture.

■ Dispatching lecturers / courses / classrooms
I will correspond even lecturers of Java, PHP, Android and Office software. In addition, we are engaged in corporate recruitment education, programming courses and others.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css、html5、css3、Java、PHP、JavaScript、C#、C++、Objective-C、Python、C、Swift、Unity、VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access、Photoshop、Illustrator

■ General purpose system

Infrastructure (network, server construction)

■ Other
Office, helpdesk, call center, lecturer dispatch

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Financial system
General insurance (contract related, server renewal, insurance premium rate revision system)
Credit card payment system
Customer management (sales management / analysis)
Bank (Next Foreign Exchange, Market Risk Management, Accounting, Overseas Rights Information System)

■ Manufacturing system
Medical (comprehensive management · blood test system)
Construction of next generation system infrastructure
Pharmaceutical (clinical testing system)
Introduction and maintenance of a laptop computer for medical institutions

■ Distribution system
Logistics / personnel system (application · salary)
Inventory · production control · lease calculation system

■ Communication / control system
Precision equipment control (sales performance management system for mobile companies, smartphone test)
Power system (sales management system)
Inquiry management system (system renovation, operation, maintenance)

Government Offices
Sediment disaster monitoring / flood disaster prevention server system
Local Government Official Disaster Compensation Fund System

■ Other
Game development (application for smartphone)
Web application renovation (application renovation) and many others