Company Introduction

Updated: March 21, 2017

  • Software Development


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Tel +81-98-982-4077
Fax +81-98-982-4023
Location 〒904-2203
Uruma468 Kawasaki
Ichai Gushikawa Jinbunkan 2F
Representative Director and President Tadashi Uezu
Capital 4.000.000 yen
Founded 2001/4
Other Locations Fukuoka Sales Office: Fukuoka City Fukuoka City Hakata-ku Hakata-ku Nam 2-1-5 Hakata Sun City Building 7F

Message to Candidates

I do not ask the literature / science. Seriously I want you to work hard in this industry.
① Customers (customers) oriented people
② People who want to realize that there are people (customers / fellows) who are pleased through their work
③ Those who like to accomplish together with their colleagues

Company Profile

Our company celebrates 16th anniversary this April. We are developing business in order to provide customers with a secure and secure IT environment from the time of establishment.
We are system design / development and operation of our products as the center of our business.
We are expanding our business from Okinawa to the mainland.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

System Design / Development / Operation Support Service
①WEB system
② Business system

■ Support services for sales and transportation of own products
① Document management system "File Search Smart"
② Electronic document browsing solution "File Search Smart mini"
③ Sales support system "Sales Suite"
④ Strategic total period work system for fishery association "SEALA CUBE"
⑤ Employment system for local governments "SEALA Assist"
⑥ General Window Management System
⑦ Request for approval decision management system
⑧ Repair management system for school corporations

■ Website creation and update support service
① Business blog's trip site
② Shopping cart false cart

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

html5、css3、Java、PHP、JavaScript、C#、MySQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access、Photoshop、Illustrator、InDesign

We develop PHP.C # .JAVA as the system development language mainly.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Main achievements
Government agency
① Okinawa Prefectural Office of Education ② Dear Mr. Umami City Government
③ Ginowan City Hall ④ Dear Nanjo City Hall
⑤ Nishihara Town office ⑥ Kitanakakujo village office
Outer group
① Okinawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association ② Urumaichi Commerce and Industry Association
③ Okinawa Prefecture Fishery Cooperative Federation
④ Naha Airport Building Co., Ltd.
⑤ Nago Fishery Cooperative Association ⑥ Minatogawa Fisheries Cooperative Association
⑦ Ginoza village fishery cooperative association
Educational institution
① National University corporation Ryukyus University
② Mr. NPO corporation Encourage
Private enterprises
① Okinawa Electric Power Co., Ltd. ② Oki Electric Works Co., Ltd.
③ Kamonmon Industrial Co., Ltd. ④ Shonan Hospital
⑤ Okinawa Beauty Equipment Management Co., Ltd. ⑥ Yomitani Kyodo Sangyo Co., Ltd.
And many others

Established in Ginowan City, April 2001
May 2005 Moved headquarters from Ginowan City to Uruma City
Invested in April 2006 limited liability partnership (LLP) embedded technology promotion project
October 2008 Registration of Specified Worker Dispatching Project (Special 47-300246)
June 2012 Launch sales of document management system that can cooperate with multifunction machine "Canon"
June 2013 Sales of the approval decision management system began for the purpose of improving internal work efficiency
April 2014 Launch sales of strategically integrated mission-critical system for fishery association
March 2015 Sales of a selling sales input system by tablet terminal for fishermen's association started
May 2015 Sales launch of sales support system Sales Suite
April 2016 Company name change Shira Japan
Established the Fukuoka branch office in September 2016