Company Introduction

Updated: February 3, 2021

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Relia, Inc.

  • Relia, Inc.
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Tel +81-98-866-5800
Fax +81-98-866-5811
Location 〒900-0006
Naha1-3-31 Omoromachi
Naha Shintoshin Media Bld. East Block 7F
Representative Director and President Jun Nakagome
Capital 998.000.000 yen
Founded 1987/6
Other Locations Tida Center (Ameku, Naha), Nago Center (Onaka, Nago)

Message to Candidates

At Okinawa bases, we focus mainly on the operation of contact centers (calls and office work). In recent years, in Okinawa a new center has been established one after another, seeking a next generation leader who will bear the future of Okinawa. We are waiting for you to prepare your shining places.

Company Profile

In October 2015, we changed the name from "Hello Hotline" to "Rirai A communications Co., Ltd.". We will support all aspects of business such as office work, internet mail, etc., not just call business, we will expand the scope of service.
We also introduced an area permanent employee system in January of the same year.
In Okinawa it is our policy to actively recruit human resources who are expected to be active as administrators of operations operations to regular employees.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

He is engaged in BPO services around customer contacts such as call center, back office, face-to-face sales support, web marketing, etc. Provide services for major domestic enterprises such as telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, distribution and public interest.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

· MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
· MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist)
· COPC Registration Coordinator
· Six Sigma
· Yellow Belt
· Japan Securities Dealers Association Outside Employee Qualification
· DC Planner (Corporate Pension Planning Planner)
· Life insurance recruitment personnel qualification (general process)
· Financial planning skill test
Various qualifications can be acquired according to other tasks

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Authentication
1999 Acquired "ISO 9001" in Human Resource Recruitment and Education and Training Department
Acquired "BS 7799" in 2003, "Certification of ISMS certification criteria", acquired "privacy mark" certification

■ Okinawa Branch / Recognition
2012 IT Association Human Resources Development Award
2013 Employment Expansion Prefectural Government Movement (Gujobob) Promotion Achievement Achievement Award

■ Okinawa Branch / History
2001 moved to Okinawa. Nago Center opened the same year
Establishment of Okinawa Branch Office in 2002 (Naha City)
2005 opened the center (Naha city)
Approximately 1500 people are enrolled in the Okinawa area
Acquired COPC-2000 in 2010
Introduction of area full-time employee system in 2015
Company name changed to 2015 RIRAI COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD.

"Rirai" is derived from English meaning "Reliance" and connects people and society with companies and organizations in the fashion of trust
We are expressing our vision of creating value together