Dynamo Pictures, Inc.

Dynamo Pictures, Inc.
Update date: 2017/03/16
Maisonette Okappa mizuiro 2, 1-18-20 Aja, Naha, 900-0003 Okinawa
Hiroshi Hirokawa
34.500.000 yen
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Tokyo HQ

Message to candidates

In 2014, in addition to the Tokyo headquarters, we opened the Okinawa Room as the base for new production.
Along with that, we are looking for designers.
Those who really think about wearing U turns, I turns as well as those who live in Okinawa are welcome!

Company PR

TV, CM, movies, games, real-time content, VR & AR, game machines, event video, stereoscopic video ... Dynamo Pictures's work content is diverse and each member can make use of his skill and sense to the full extent.
Connect your sense and creativity to your work and open up the fields you want to do.
※ Please visit the website for details. Http://dynapix.jp/recruit/

Business content, products and services overview

The business that plays the core of Dynamo Pictures is the production of CG images. We respond to the production needs of a wide range of genres such as movies, games, television, CM, pachinko and events. Specialty fields include photoreal, live-action composition, cellulic and so on.
What we are aiming for is "Tailor" which proposes top quality video representation to clients.
Craftsmen familiar with each field are excited and deliver haute couture goods that will satisfy from the bottom of our hearts. That is our policy and pleasure.

■ Planning and production of CG video in general (movies · TV · animation · CM · pachinko machine etc.)
■ Planning and production of original contents
■ Operation of motion capture studio
■ Planning and production of stereoscopic video (stereo 3D) software
■ Planning and production of interactive contents using VR / AR technology
■ Development of 3DCG tool
■ Artist management

Proprietary technologies, other features

Maya,3ds Max,Softimage,LightWave,Zbrush,Mudbox,mental ray,V-Ray,VICON,MotionBuilder,Massive,RealFlow,After Effects,Premiere Pro,Final Cut Pro,Nuke,Smoke

■ Motion Capture Studio
A partnered studio was established in Shinagawa.

Main achievements, history, group companies etc.

Established in March 2011 Established in 1991, from production company established, CG production, motion capture business inherited, independent
December 2012 Dynamo amusement subsidiary Become a client A wide range of projects such as planning, production and sale of image attractions and interactive contents, planning and production of various events such as musicals, etc. to clients as amusement parks, commercial facilities, science halls, theme parks etc. nationwide
Establishment of the Okinawa Room September 2014 Okinawa Room to be a base for new production
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