• Interview with companies expanded into Okinawa

    We interviewed three representatives of IT-related companies that have set up bases in Okinawa about the background and advantages of being located in Okinawa.

  • Cyber Tech Okinawa

    First is the goodness of the environment. Everlasting summer! Even if it says, in Okinawa in recent years the temperature is calm in the summer and it is easy to spend in the winter as well. There is something inconvenient if you do not have a car in a car society, but on the contrary there is no need to move to the train or bus, you can move at your own pace. Food and alcohol are also very tasty, drinking nice is perfect. There are plenty of greenery in the surroundings, and if you go up a bit on the hill, you can see a beautiful ocean from almost the place. I am told that the Internet environment is also improving and I will go north to the Kunigami area as well.
    In terms of securing human resources with skills in IT relations, it is a bit harsher, but I feel that obedient prefecturality is an attractive advantage that will lead to growth in instruction and training.

  • Okinawa Hi-Think Corporation

    We are a company that provides software development and maintenance and IT services. Diaire Hua Shin Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: DHC, China Dalian base) group that provides system development and maintenance, including offshore development, mainly for large enterprises and public institutions based in the metropolitan area Nearshore company We established as. Until now, we have offered development and maintenance services in the scheme of High Sync Japan Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: JHC, Tokyo base) that plays a role of bridge to upstream design and offshore development and DHC that is responsible for offshore development. In addition to our company, which is responsible for nearshore development and maintenance, we have established a scheme to provide more flexible development and maintenance services.
    One of our strengths is the mobilization power of development staff at large-scale development. If you need a large development system, you can procure a large amount of IT human resources of the parent company.
    Also, Okinawa has a lot of nature and the environment is good, so there is sharp change in public and private, so you can expect better work and quality of life.

  • Secure Innovation Inc.

    In Okinawa you can not beat the power of nature, there is power of people who live there.
    Many of the young people here love and contribute to the development of Okinawa. Providing an environment that enables young people with such local love, seriousness to develop a solid foundation environment, can lead to a shortcut for business success in Okinawa.
    Also, in Okinawa, excellent migrants who are searching for a wonderful natural environment from outside the prefecture will be a great strength. It is the charm and strength of Okinawa that is the richness of such human resources from inside and outside.

  • Spring Knowledge Lab Inc.

    Our office is in Nago city in northern part of Okinawa.
    People are calm and gentle and serious in terms of work.
    As a work environment, it is an environment where you can relax and work.

  • MISAWA HOMES CO., LTD. CAD Center Okinawa office environment

    MISAWA HOMES CO., LTD. CAD Center Okinawa

    · Ease of life, warmth of people
    · Average age is young and vibrant
    (National average 45.0 years old, Okinawa 40.7 years, from the 2010 census)
    · The damage risk due to the earthquake is low (no earthquake of intensity 5 or higher has occurred)
    · Okinawa Prefecture is focusing on business attraction, especially IT and the financial system, and various support systems are enriched