This site is set up as a site for supporting companies considering advancing into Okinawa Prefecture.
In addition, there is information on companies having advanced into Okinawa Prefecture and companies already located in Okinawa Prefecture.

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About Posting (company information and business information)

Company Information

  • Information and communication related companies located in the prefecture can register.
  • Posting is free of charge..

When making a request for posting, please select the “Request for posting on the web site” from the “Inquiry Form” and implement the request.
We will send the “Posting Format.” After completing the posting, PW and ID are issued, and then the correction can be made by the company side.

Business Information

We will publicize the information and communication related business on this site, so select the “Request for posting on the web site” from the “Inquiry Form,”and inform us of the business name, link to the business site, short text keywords, overview of secretariat, contact information, and persons in charge.

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