Company Introduction

Updated: January 18, 2021

  • Software Development


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Tel +81-98-855-9005
Fax +81-98-833-3491
Location 〒900-0021
Naha2-3-2 Izumisaki
Meiji Izumizaki Building 4F
CEO Masayoshi Kishimoto
Capital 99.500.000 yen
Founded 1977/12/

Message to Candidates

We are not asking for a genius, only a person who is good or a man who does not have a crazy ride. We just want that "I want to grow" motivation. We will support your motivation with full power.

Company Profile

It is a small company that has less than 30 employees yet.
However, based on past sales activities at affiliated companies and cooperating companies, we can acquire not only technology but also industry knowledge that is currently most needed.
In the present age when all industries are connected with IT, we hope that we can use this power as a weapon, "Okinawa" of various companies from local Okinawa.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

◆ Sales and customization of packaged software development and maintenance
◆ Consulting, design, development and maintenance of business systems
◆ Design and construction of network system
◆ Sales and maintenance of system equipment
◆ Web system development and maintenance
◆ Dispatch of IT engineers

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html / css, html5, css3, Java, JavaScript
VisualBasic.NET, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access

Information Processing Engineer (IPA)
· Project manager 1 person
· Data Aces Specialist 1 person

Oracle Corporation
· Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE7 5 people
· Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE7 5 people
12 others

NTT intra-mart etc.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

Founded in 1977
2003 Business Type Change Company name changed to NTT System Co., Ltd.
2011 Information Security Management System (ISO 27001 / ISMS) Certified

For food manufacturing industry
· Build sales management system
For food manufacturing industry
· Construction of manufacturing management system
For packaging materials manufacturing industry
· Construction of statistical data book table automatic creation system (PL / SQL)
For confectionery manufacturing industry
· EOS / EDI customization of sales management system
For wholesale business
· Build sales management system
Facility management industry
· Construction of facility management system (Java)
For all industries
· Construction of attendance management system (Java)
For all industries
· Sales management system customization (contract development)