Company Introduction

Updated: December 19, 2019

  • Software Development


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Tel +81-98-943-1517
Fax +81-98-943-1501
Location 〒900-0012
Naha2-1-18 Tomari
T&C Tomari Bld.
Representative Director and President Kenji Hiranabe
Capital 61.680.000 yen
Founded 1980/8
Other Locations Fukui head office: Fukui city wholesale town 3-111, Tokyo Branch: 2-3-1 Kanda Suida-cho, Chiyoda-ku NBF Kanda Suida-cho Building 7F

Message to Candidates

■ I would like to be a group of engineers who grow with customers.
Understanding your business and delivering value with your team. To grow together in the process, share struggle and joy. This is the passion of our work.

Company Profile

Since its founding in 1980, Eiwa System Management has grown in Fukui, with the strengths of building a financial system, developing regional medical institution support, and medical system development.
Since opening the Tokyo branch office in 2002, it has been widely recognized as the permanent of "Ruby and Agile" since then. In addition, it is also making great progress in the embedded software field including support for in-vehicle system development of automobiles.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

Mainly developing software, we develop these products and services.

■ KAIZEN Cloud
A business operation system is reasonably constructed by thorough utilization of the development and operation support service Google Apps which provides know-how and development power of business efficiency through the cloud

■ Google Apps for Work
A cloud-type office tool that can access business information such as e-mails, schedules, in-house documents, etc. anytime, anywhere from any terminal

■ KAIZEN Coaching
Supporting skill up of IT staff. Educational service that provides "Google Apps advanced mastery" that boosts efficiency of operations by customers themselves

■ Agile development
A service that builds a system that embraces change with customers and keeps providing value to customers?

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Java、JavaScript、Ruby、Oracle、ProstgreSQL、Microsoft Access

■ Corporate Governance
1. Make management that consistently keeps company prosperity and happiness of all employees consistent.
2. Contribute to society through software development, aiming at a unique group that goes through a few experts.
3. We value the harmony, high efficiency and high profit centering on team play, and increase trust.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies


Established founded in 1980
              Participation of city bank third tertiary online system development
1990 ~ Net banking system development participation
2000 ~ Object launch site launch site
UML tool "JUDE" (currently astah *) began selling
Ruby × Agile Start business
Starting offering "Value creation contract" entrusted development service in 2010 with new contract form
Google Apps installation support service
Started selling in-vehicle software development support tool set [ARTEC (ア ー テ ッ ク) series] compliant with AUTOSAR specifications
Began offering "Idobata", a group chat service for developers of the 21st century
Agile Business Division launched
Okinawa Office opened