Company Introduction

Updated: March 27, 2018

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HAYATO Information Co., Ltd.

  • HAYATO Information Co., Ltd.
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Tel +81-3-5925-8088
Fax +81-3-5925-8898
Location 〒905-2172
Nago224-3 Toyohara
Nago City Multimedia Bld.
Representative Director and President Takashi Honma
Capital 80.000.000 yen
Founded 1983/2

Message to Candidates

Innovation with RFID!

Company Profile

Hayato Co., Ltd. has been developing RFID packages since 2003 and currently develops and sells many RFID solutions such as warehouse management package MANICA and location management package MANICA Tracer.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

· New strategy with big data "MANICA Big data"
· Ultimate visualization "MANICA Tracer"
· From factory shipment of products to over-the-counter sales "MANICA Retail"
· "Touch Rental NFC" using NFC smartphone
· Tweeted "Tatchan"
· Leave it to a large amount of asset management "MANICA security locker"
· RFID · WMS using barcode · Warehouse management package "MANICA"
- Tool bar "MANICA EXCEL TOOL" that can read RFID / barcode on Excel

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

We have been developing systems using RFID for more than 10 years.
There are technologies for various RFID such as UHF / HF / NFC / LF.

· Technology related to RFID tag
· Technology related to RFID reader / writer
· Technologies related to embedded terminals such as handy readers
· Technology on smartphones equipped with NFC

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

2003 Started system development using RFID
2006 inventory management package "MANICA" developed Developed at the time of introduction to Nikon using the 2.45 GHz band
Developed the free tool "MANICA EXCEL TOOL" free of charge 2008 In response to leaders of 22 manufacturers (28 models)
Handling of RFID reader manufactured by Alien Technology, Inc. in 2010
2011 Ultimate visualization "MANICA Tracer" developed Developed by Nikon Sagamihara Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Introduced the logistics package "MANICA Retail" in 2013 at Kamakura Shirt
2014 BIG DATA analysis service "MANICA BIG DATA" started
2015 Fuji Television Odaiba runs the event management system "MANICA event" utilizing NFC at Yume Continent
2016 TV Asahi-sama at the Summer Festival "MANICA Event" is in operation