Company Introduction

Updated: March 28, 2024

  • Software Development

International Systems Development Co., Ltd.

  • International Systems Development Co., Ltd.
Tel +81-98-854-8352
Fax +81-98-855-0978
Location 〒900-0025
Naha3-2-4 Tsubogawa
Representative Director and President Noboru Kimura
Capital 40.000.000 yen
Founded 1982/10
Other Locations Tokyo Office: No. 1, Toyosu 1 - chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo (Nihon Unisys Co., Ltd.)

Message to Candidates

System technology is constantly progressing and development is involved in many stakeholders. I hope that you are bright and energetic, try hard to deal with anything obediently, constantly grow yourself and become part of those who value your teamwork.

Company Profile

We are inaugurated for 33 years since this company was established through investment of companies in the prefecture, influential people and companies outside the prefecture for the purpose of expanding employment in Okinawa Prefecture and developing information industry personnel. We are headquartered in Okinawa and continue to grow steadily as a group company of Nihon Unisys Co., Ltd.
Our characteristic is that you can develop services that are closely tied to the area. While making full use of Nihon Unisys' know-how and technological capabilities, we conduct sales activities dynamically within the prefecture and outside the prefecture.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

① Solution construction (application construction)
With specialized SE with advanced and wide industry / business know-how, we will provide services under advanced development management scheme covering all customer needs and meeting all customer needs. We also provide high productivity and quality, including nearshore and offshore development at domestic and overseas bases that reduce labor costs for development.

② Build IT infrastructure solution
We will provide design and construction of various servers and networks as IT infrastructure with high technical strength. We support customers from various equipment selections and propose the best base environment. In addition, we will provide you with a supportive service that will satisfy your needs, such as maintenance support, troubleshooting, operation support, etc.

③ In-house package
· Sales management system "Truly V2" (All functions necessary for sales management / logistics management are standard equipment)
· Mail contact network system "Shinjin" (ASP mobile mail contact network system)
· Service that monitors proper handling of My Number "MySOC"

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Java, PHP, JavaScript, C #, C ++, C, VisualBasic.NET, Oracle, MySQL, ProstgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access

■ Basic technology
OracleDB development, SQLServer development, open system design construction, AP framework design construction, server virtualization, virtual desktop, others

■ Development language
.NET (VB, C #), J av a, PHP, C language,? COBOL, etc.

■ Industry · Business etc.
Finance, distribution, common (IT infrastructure construction), etc.

Distributed development
Near-shore development with a company outside the prefecture (with actual results)

■ Resident business support

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ In 1973, with the support of Okinawa General Administration Office (then), Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Commerce and Industry Department (then), Industrial Technology Promotion Council (then), Okinawa Prefecture Management Association, Established through Nippon Unisys' equity investment.

■ It is a characteristic of our company that we can now develop services while making use of Nihon Unisys' group know-how and technology capabilities nationwide.

■ Customer's information system develops a wide range of business from the procurement of evolving hardware, software and network to the development and maintenance and operation of business systems responding to changes in the business environment.

■ We are developing not only Nihon Unisys group companies but also offshore development contracts from companies outside the prefecture, local governments within Okinawa Prefecture, and services to companies.

■ In-house package, sales management system "Sasuga" is used by the prefecture wholesale business.