Company Introduction

Updated: February 15, 2024

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JasmineSoft Corporation

  • JasmineSoft Corporation
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Tel +81-98-890-6036
Fax +81-98-890-6038
Location 〒901-2227
Ginowan1-25-15 Uchidomari
CEO Yoshinori Nie
Capital 50.000.000 yen
Founded 2001/3
Other Locations Tokyo headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kachidoki 3-13-1 FOREFRONT TOWER II 12F

Message to Candidates

The IT industry is a unique industry that is innovated daily. Enjoy that speed,
We are also seeking human resources who can spread the acquired skills to society.

Company Profile

Provide Japan, and worldwide software packages and services
We strive to study hard every day with the goal of becoming a company to do.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

Main tasks are as follows.
· Provision of packaged software making full use of the idea of ​​automation
· Design and development of information systems centered on our products
· Education and consulting on advanced technology

"Wagby" which automatically generates business application for Web application from specifications, address table
"Address Normalization Converter" that unifies the shake automatically, such as "
We will develop packaged products in the field of "to mobilize".

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Owned technology and other features
Specialty service: Business software development

Specialty field: Business related

Development language: Java Script, Java

Database used: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Development technology using “Wagby”
Unix (linux) server setup and operation
Windows server setup and operation

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

[2002.8.16] Certification of Temporary Measures Law (Creation Law) concerning Promotion of Creative Activities of SMEs
[2002.11.14] Adoption of national public offering project by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
[2004.7.26] Adoption for Okinawa Industry, Academia and Government Collaborative Research Promotion Project
[2005.2.1] Okinawa Prefecture Industry Promotion Corporation Selected as a Business Evaluation Company
[2005.3.31] Received the 17th SME Excellent New Technology / New Product Award
[2005.6.2] Adoption of IPA Small IT Venture Support Project in Fiscal 2005
[2009.4.3] Adoption of 'Strategic Information and Communications Research and Development Promotion Scheme (SCOPE)' in FY 2009
[2009.7.28] Adoption of Okinawa New Industry Creation Research and Development Support Project
[2011.1.20] Winning of Okinawa Prefecture IT Business Award
[2013.8.6] Participation in the ultra high-speed development community