Company Introduction

Updated: May 23, 2022

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ORIX Business Center Okinawa Corporation

  • ORIX Business Center Okinawa Corporation
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Tel +81-98-951-1551
Fax +81-98-951-1460
Location 〒900-0006
Naha1-1-2 Omoromachi
Naha Shintoshin Center Bld. 3F
Managing director Satoru Katahira
Capital 100.000.000 yen
Founded 1999/11
Other Locations Asahicho Plant: 112-1 Asahi Town, Naha City Kinhwa Building, Ginoza Office: Ginoza Mura Matsuda 1443 Ginoza Village Server Farm 2F

Message to Candidates

The Orix Group strives to create "creativity," "challenge," and "team play" as a goal for each employee. We need those who think that these values are important, and think and think about themselves and have a posture to try to grow.

Company Profile

We are actively working to improve employee's way of working. Because we believe that the growth of each employee is important for the development of the company, we are studying better ways of working for our employees and striving to improve the environment. We also introduced a new teleworking system, Flex work system, and hourly paid leave system. I would like to consider various ways of working in the future and want to be a company where "employees and the company" continue to grow together.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

We undertake a variety of tasks (office processing operations and customer management work) from group companies such as leasing, rental, automobile, life insurance, banking and electric power, which ORIX Group develops. Therefore, the content of the work is very wide and wide. By providing "business improvement capability" and "high quality service" which are our strengths, we are promoting standardization and efficiency improvement of the work of the entire group, realizing productivity and quality improvement.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Through departmental change, we can experience various work of group companies and acquire new skills. For those who think "I want to experience various kinds of work" "I want to expand my horizons and improve my career", it is a perfect workplace.
Moreover, in addition to a fulfilling training system, there is also a qualification recommendation system and a welfare system that allows employees to work long and reliably.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

Established in November 1999 by ORIX Corporation's investment
2006 November Okinawa Business Award "Special Award" received
March 2007 Certification of information security management system international standard "ISO 27001"
February 2010 Okinawa Prefecture Work-Life Balance Company Certification Acquired
July 2011 Acquired the next generation certification mark "Kurumin" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
March 2013 Okinawa career education award 2013 "Corporate division PRESTO" awarded
September 2013 The Best Contact Center of the Year 2013 "Encouragement Prize" won
Company name change to "Orix Business Center Okinawa Co., Ltd." in November 2014
March 2015 Acquired Okinawa Prefecture Human Resources Development Company Certification
July 2015 revision of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Acquisition of special case recognition "Platinum Kurumin certification" based on the Law for Promotion of Next Generation Development Support Measures (No. 1 in Okinawa Prefecture)
June 2016 "Eboshi" company certification based on female success promotion law (Kyushu · Okinawa No. 1)