Company Introduction

Updated: March 1, 2021

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Okinawa Hi-Think Corporation

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Tel +81-98-989-8830
Fax +81-98-989-8540
Location 〒904-2234
Uruma14-18 Suzaki
Okinawa IT Shinryo Park Corporation Location Promoting Center 2F
Representative Director and President Wang Yue
Capital 200.000.000 yen
Founded 2015/8

Message to Candidates

Okinawa Hi-Think is a young company founded last year as a base for Nearshore development and IT service rooted in Okinawa. We welcome those who have willingness to challenge everything, people who like to contact people. Let's contribute to society through work with us!

Company Profile

The philosophy of Okinawa Hi-Think is "Creation" "Trust" "Harmony".
We will improve productivity by exerting creativity, win the trust of our customers, and harmonize with customers.
We also aim to develop a company that values human beings and society, and has a dream and pride from a global perspective obtained through collaboration with foreign employees and group companies in China.
An environment that can contribute to the region through corporate activities rooted in Okinawa. That is Okinawa Hi-Think.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

Okinawa Hi-Think is a company that provides software development and maintenance and IT services.
We utilize various merits of Nearshore development (communication, geographical aspects, environmental aspects, etc.) to provide high quality service to our customers.
Customers are over 90% of major Japanese companies.
In particular, we have strengths in financial systems (banks, securities, insurance), public systems (government agencies, municipalities), industrial systems (production control etc.).
Another strength of Okinawa Hi-Think is the mobilization power of development staff at large-scale development.
If you need a large development system, you can procure a large amount of IT talent from group companies (China · Dalian, Tokyo).

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css、html5、Java、PHP、JavaScript、Ruby、C#、C++、C、VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access

■ Development OS
Windows, Linux, Unix, others
■ Development language (other than above)
ASP, VB, JAVAScript, PL / SQL, Pro * C, COBOL, others
■ Database (other than above)
■ Industry
Finance, public, distribution, logistics, medical, others
Requirement definition ~ operation test
■ Other technologies
Web development, migration, others

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Main achievements
Mainly system development and maintenance work for major Japanese companies and government agencies
Finance (bank, credit card), public (government office, electricity), communication (sales management), others

August 2015 Established Okinawa Hi-Think Co., Ltd.
October Okinawa Hi-Think Corporation started business

■ Parent company
【Dalian Hua Shin Calculator Technology Co., Ltd.】
URL: http: //
· Established in China Dalian in May 1996.
· Currently it is widely recognized as a top-class system development company in China with 5,000 employees.

【Hua Shin Computer Japan Co., Ltd.】
URL: http: //
· Established in 1999 as a parent company, Dalian Huaxin 100% owned company.
· Approximately 200 employees, providing Japanese companies with support services for overseas offshore development.