Company Introduction

Updated: December 19, 2019

  • Software Development


Tel +81-98-983-7522
Fax +81-98-983-7525
Location 〒904-0117
Chatan1-4-4 Kitamae
Representative Director and President Kouji Maezato
Capital 6.000.000 yen
Founded 1997/4

Message to Candidates

We are adopting emphasis on human nature such as "ambition" "inquiry mind" "flexibility".
Even in inexperience, I will back up so that I can be active as a one-man technical person through education and training.
We are waiting for your entries.

Company Profile

Our company,
"To nurture technical groups specialized in communication, contribute to the development and improvement of local communities"
"Cultivate communication between people and people, cultivate rich employees and grow the company"
Based on these two philosophies, we aim to be a company that can contribute to the development of engineers and the development and improvement of local communities.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Software development
Embedded software: multifunction machines, mobile phones (smart phones), car navigation systems
· Business system: Inventory management, customer management, operation management, telephone · fax and business system integration, integrated system (CTI cooperation), automatic guidance system
· Communication system: Network monitoring · management, PBX

Software evaluation
Analyze the failure result from the test plan of the product to be evaluated, provide feedback to the development team, etc.
※ Cellular phone equipment, car navigation system, e-book software etc.

■ System Engineering Service
(Development consignment contract)

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Java、Ruby、C#、C++、C、VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、Microsoft SQL Server

■ Development
Language: C, C ++, Java, Visual Basic, C # etc.
Middleware: SQL Server, Oracle, .Net, struts, UNIVERGE AspireX OCX

■ Evaluation
Evaluation of mobile terminals using base station simulator, mobile device tester

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Development
· Developed, tested and maintained network traffic monitoring system.
Language: Java / OS: Linux / middleware: Oracle, Tomcat, Struts
· Design, development and testing of travel system API
Language: Java
· Designed, developed and tested emergency telephone management system for Highway Public Corporation.
Language: .NET C #
· Designed, developed, tested and maintained cargo tracking system.
Language: Java, Middleware: Oracle
· Perform requirements definition, design, development, testing and maintenance of the guarantee operation management system.
Language: .NET C #, Middleware: SQL Server, UNIVERGE AspireX

■ Evaluation
· Evaluation (test plan ~ evaluation) of applications installed as standard on mobile phones.
· Evaluate cooperative applications of manufacturer equipment (TV, camera).