Company Introduction

Updated: January 30, 2024

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Okinawa Software Center

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Tel +81-98-869-5201
Fax +81-98-869-5203
Location 〒900-0004
Naha2-3-6 Mekaru
Naha Business Incubate Office 3F 303
Representative Director and President Takashi Matsuda
Capital 100.000.000 yen
Founded 2002/10
Other Locations Okinawa IT Tsuhari Park Core Function Support Facility: Okinawa Prefecture Urumaichi Takasaki 14-17

Message to Candidates

To IT technicians leading to the world - Software development carriers to be realized at Okinawa IT Tsuhari Park "Efforts for collaborative work by team" to focus on society not widely but to the society, to realize the real goal demanded by customers We are seeking talent who can work on it.

Company Profile

Software development at Okinawa IT Tsuhari Park As a core company, we contribute to the development of the information and telecommunications industry in Okinawa and gather together the software development capabilities of Okinawa with cooperating companies, mainly shareholders, to provide the technology and services required for customers By doing so, we are aiming for permanent growth with all stakeholders. In addition, we aim to become a bridge that connects Japan and Asia with international quality software development and management technology.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

In the IT promotion measures Okinawa Prefecture can advance, strengthening the software development field is one of the most important tasks. We have received a representative order for software development work from outside Okinawa Prefecture and form a joint platform for domestic offshore development at Okinawa IT Tsingguang Park Development Center.
At the Okinawa IT Tsuhari Park Development Center, a large number of projects are constantly promoted by more than 170 engineers, international competitiveness is achieved while fostering and sophistication of regional employment creation and software development human resources We are developing highly value-added operations to obtain.

· Disaster Recovery Service

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

■ Development language
Biz / Browser, Java, COBOL, PL / SQL, VB, VB.NET, PL / 1, C #, .NET, LotusNotes,
DX(lowcode、nocode)、Python etc.
■ Development OS
Windows, Linux, Android 2.3 others
■ Industry
Life and nonlife insurance, finance, steel, manufacture, distribution, others
Web development, remote development, mobile phone terminal verification, car navigation evaluation, testing, etc.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Main achievements
April 2009 LotusNotes development
January 2011 Sales support system development and maintenance
July 2011 WISE screen development
August 2011 Advanced Testing Infrastructure Building Project
February 2012 Personal insurance system development
October 2013 Development of Biz / Browser
April 2014 text analysis environment construction business
May 2014 Development of non-life insurance integrated system
June 2014 Domain sales management system restructuring development
January 2015 Business channel integration base
January 2015 Paperless compatible development
March 2015 Construction of the next ID management system development
May 2015 Development of in-vehicle unit software development verification
October 2015 Automobile Mutual Aid Contract Management Development
December 2015 maintenance of smartphone
April 2016 Life insurance receipt proof project work

October 2002 Frontier Okinawa 21 established
October 2008 changed name to Okinawa Software Center Co., Ltd.
June 2009 Establishment of Okinawa IT Tsuhari Park Development Center
April 2010 Privacy Mark certification acquired
November 2011 CMM Level 3 achieved