Company Introduction

Updated: February 10, 2021

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GNA. Inc

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Tel +81-98-972-2303
Fax +81-98-972-2304
Location 〒904-2203
Uruma468 Kawasaki
Ichai Gushikawa Jinbunkan 2F
Representative director Toshio Miyazato
Capital 18.000.000 yen
Founded 1997/11

Message to Candidates

As an IT company, we are seeking human resources who have high human skills as a member of society, a member of the organization, as a matter of course the basic technical capabilities. Especially, if you are motivated, "We can throw your best in given conditions" welcome.

Company Profile

1. We will build a business scene based on ITC and contribute to the region.
2. We will consider global Asia as a market and develop global business.
3. We will pursue economic richness and spiritual richness of members working together.

■ Corporate Governance
1. Spirit of independence and autonomy
2. Other hearts of love
3. Challenge to the future creation

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

We are developing hosting service, business system and embedded system development. Also, we are aggressively pursuing initiatives tailored to the needs of the era such as the development of Android · iPhone application which is currently widespread.
As part of the group company of Sukoyaka Holdings, the largest dispensing pharmacy in the prefecture, we are also introducing and supporting pharmacy management systems such as the reception system.
We are also introducing a time management system [KING OF TIME] useful for business improvement.
In the future, we will develop application services that are compatible with the cloud based on the know-how around the server that we have cultivated so far.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Web hosting business, system development, network construction, outsourcing business, domain acquisition agency / registrar business (JPRS designation contractor), dispensing pharmacy equipment maintenance support, temporary staffing / recruitment business

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

November 1997 Established Greennet Asia Co., Ltd.
June 2000 Changed company name to GN
March 2004 Moved head office from Noga City Korosu to Urumaichi Kawasaki
October 2004 Outsourcing Division / Started temporary staffing business
Started worker dispatch service June 2005
October 2005 Paid employment introduction business service started
June 2010 Acquisition of Privacy Mark
April 2011 management integration, becoming a subsidiary of Sukoyaka Holdings Co., Ltd.
May 2011 Capital increase Capital 18 million yen
April 2012 Start of introduction and support of the reception system, medical system
April 2014 Started handling dispensing pharmacy inventory management system
June 2014 Cloud-type electronic medicine notebook handling started
September 2014 Started handling cloud type prescription sending system
April 2015 Start of handling of attendance management system
April 2016 Started service for pharmacist job recruitment site 【Okinawa】 service