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Updated: November 16, 2018

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Ryukyu Interactive

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Tel +81-98-988-1572
Fax +81-98-988-1573
Location 〒901-2223
Ginowan3-11-32 Oyama
Representative Director and President Takahide Usui
Capital 10.000.000 yen
Founded 2009/2
Other Locations Ryukyu Interactive Vietnam Co., Ltd. :21 Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, District 1,HCM, VN

Message to Candidates

We are looking for talented personnel to make it possible to jump out to the whole country and the world in order to make a leap to the next stage. From an area called Okinawa, create an Internet venture that everyone in Japan knows. Why do not you come with this magnificent story?

Company Profile

Ryukyu Interactive Co., Ltd. is an Internet venture company from Okinawa. By setting the vision "Become a leading Internet company in Japan" and leveraging the three strengths of marketing, creative and technology, we will actively create new businesses, including the Internet service business and next-generation human resource development business, We are developing business in a wide range of fields.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

1. Internet service business
In a wide range of digital related fields, our specialized consultants provide comprehensive support from strategy planning to creative production, media development and data analysis. From leading companies to enterprises in the prefecture, we are leading many customers to success.

2. Next Generation Human Resource Development Project
Okinawa's largest job offer matching service "Job Antenna" that combines abundant job offerings and excellent search functions, produces "Ginowan Bayside Information Center (Gwave)", supports entrepreneurs at the share office, entrepreneurs We are constantly leading Okinawa's startup scenes, such as supporting industry-academia-government collaborating on prominent events of technicianship development.

3. Strategic Investment Business
We are strategically investing in creating new value such as "My Life" for health care device and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for formalizing doctor's tacit knowledge, we are striving to make a big game against the world.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

· Planning and execution of strategic planning of digital promotion
· Creative production
· Corporate Creative Direction
· Planning and management of social promotion
· Owned media development
· Smaho app, Facebook application development
· EC site construction
· Data analysis, implementation of SEO, etc.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

February 2009 Ryukyu Interactive Co., Ltd. established
May 2009 EC site "Okinawa special product goods store" started operation
September 2011 School for fostering human resources in the IT industry "Ryukyu Web College" opened
September 2012 Okinawa fans gather Facebook page "Okinawa Likes" started
November 2012 "Ryukyu Web College" Opened Ginowan School
March 2013 Started recruitment service "Ryukyus web career"
March 2013 Establish Ishigaki branch office
April 2013 Certified as Designated Administrator of Ginowan Bay Bayside Information Center
October 2014 Creative project "CREATIVE ISLAND" started
August 2015 "Ryukyu Startup Challenge" started in collaboration with the University of the Ryukyus Collaboration Promotion Organization
January 2016 Transfer "Okinawa Likes" to distributed media
May 2016 Founded RyukyuInteractive Vietnam Co., Ltd.
July 2016 Transfer the EC site "Okinawa special product goods Honpo" to Okinawa Cellular Telephone Corporation
August 2016 Started job change support service "Job antenna · agent"
November 2016 Job Antenna renewed as Okinawa's largest job offer matching service