Company Introduction

Updated: December 10, 2018

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Sony Business Operations Inc.

  • Sony Business Operations Inc.
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Tel +81-98-840-2300
Fax +81-98-840-2702
Location 〒901-0225
Tomigusuku1-411 Toyosaki
Toyosaki Life Style Center TOMITON 2F
CEO Yasunori Madokoro
Capital 10.000.000 yen
Founded 2011/1
Other Locations Tomigusuku Office: IT Industry Promotion Center, 561 Ueda, Tomigusuku, Okinawa

Message to Candidates

Those who have a willingness to challenge various things, I am seeking those who have a high awareness of a problem, who can enhance their relationships with the surroundings, have an approach to problem solving, and have a high motivation to grow I will.

Company Profile

We support the global business development of the Sony Group by conducting various general office work of the Sony Group here in Okinawa. Within the company, Champloo culture of Sony's corporate culture "Sony Spirit" and Okinawa "Yui's spirit" is alive. Why do not you experience "growth as individuals" and "enjoyment and joy of doing work with a team" through active participation with us at Sony Business Operations?

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

Outsourcing of office work from the Sony group company and office work (such as material procurement, product / parts transportation, product import / export, invoicing, goods ordering, Sony group related office work centered on maintenance work etc.) Okinawa Why do not you try challenging the office work that supports the global business development of the Sony Group!

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

In Sony Business Operations, there is spread of business areas that can not be said in one word, "general affairs". We are expanding the range of activities every year, starting with "international affairs" supporting global operations and "domestic affairs" until we deliver Sony products to customers.
I am looking forward to working with everyone who leads the company's future growth together.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

2011 Established Sony Business Operations Co., Ltd. Started operations) Mitsui warehouse Supply chain solution Co., Ltd. Split absorption of Okinawa administrative center
2011 present) Mitsui warehouse supply chain solution Co., Ltd. split absorption of Okinawa administrative center
2011 Sony Customer Service Co., Ltd. Okinawa Administration Center Transferred Business
2011 Sony Marketing Co., Ltd. received order / sales support business, Sony Corporation Translation business · Logistics reporting business transferred
2012 Started support service of direct-type open energy system R & D project of Sony Computer Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.
2013 Sony Manufacturing Sales Support Business · Management Management Support Business Transferred
As of 2014 Sony Visual Products Co., Ltd. Transfer business support support business
2015 Sony Corporation First Flight Order receipt / shipping business · Electronic medicine notebook service (harmo) related equipment Purchasing service · Procurement related work, Sony corporate service Co., Ltd. Overseas cargo insurance securities preparation business, Sony Corporation Computer entertainment Accounting system task transferred