Company Introduction

Updated: March 16, 2017

  • Telecommunications Industry and Network


Tel +81-98-870-0961
Fax +81-98-870-0861
Location 〒901-2101
Urasoe2-4-1 Nishihara
CEO Izumi Kaneko
Capital 3.000.000 yen
Founded 2015/11
Other Locations Ti-da Square Co., Ltd., CPoint Co., Ltd., Beijing Office, Bangkok Office, Ho Chi Minh Office, Hong Kong Office

Message to Candidates

We have a lot of opportunities for you to grow. It is up to that person to pick it up. Everything is sought to "see, touch and act", not only to absorb what it tells us, we are looking for a way to change plus situation that does not go well.

Company Profile

We will further develop and disseminate the Internet technology that we have cultivated in Okinawa in order to help you enrich your lives and business, and grow together. We also aim to become a community-based company loved by regional companies and residents, incorporating detailed products and services that match the climate. By standing on the customer's eyes and integrating IT, we can effectively solve problems in your business and life.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Network ICT Business (Ti-da Cloud)
· Corporate IT introduction consulting business · Web site construction support business · Online storage service "TI-DA CLOUD · STORAGE"
· Domestic and overseas rental server service · Cloud server VPS sale · operation consignment contracting service
· IDC operation · management (main site · backup contracting contract) · LAN / WAN construction · smartphone application development · general IT equipment handling sales and maintenance

■ Group company product data center operation / maintenance business
· Tourism inbound support · Digital signage business "Okinawa Tetel" · Information support business of residence "Total Residential Event Calendar"
· Blog portal site construction ASP "CLOG" · Online shop construction ASP "Genesis - EC" · Mobile mail promotion ASP "Nomination mail"
· Software development business · Net shop support consulting · Other ASP

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html / css, html5, Java, PHP, Python, VisualBasic.NET, Oracle, MySQL, ProstgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access

■ Network
OS: UNIX, LINUX, Windows
Other: Data center operation and maintenance management, network construction, Web system construction, cloud system design and construction

■ WEB · System
ASP, WordPress customization

■ Other
Construction of portal site

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Main achievements
WEB application development
Construction of WEB site
Blog portal site
Blog Denplate Production
Movie production
· Okinawa Prefecture regional portal "Ti-da blog"
· Hamamatsu City Shizuoka prefecture regional portal "Hamazo"
· Thailand powerful regional portal "Namjai"
· Online storage service
(Http:// others