Company Introduction

Updated: March 1, 2024

  • Software Development

Plusknowledge Inc.

  • Plusknowledge Inc.
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Tel +81-98-917-6226
Fax +81-98-917-6225
Location 〒900-0005
Naha1-14-6 Wakasa
CEO Shin Kinjou
Capital 24.000.000 yen
Founded 2005/8
Other Locations Uruma Testing Center: Okinawa Prefecture Uruma-shi Osaki 14-1 Information and Communication Equipment Verification Base Facility (Uruma Testing Center) Naha Development Center, Tokyo office

Message to Candidates

A motivated person
People who want to raise themselves further
A person who is honest and humble but can also express his opinion
People who want to make the company bigger together
People who want to raise skills in Tokyo

Company Profile

It is a rapidly growing company in software verification and development.
The average age of 26.4 years old is a company that young people are doing their best.
Due to an increase in direct transactions with major companies in Tokyo etc.
We will continue to grow further and become the No. 1 IT company in Okinawa
I aim for it.
It is a big topic for Tokyo Olympic Games
We are also launching a security project and we are planning to grow in the future
We are steadily promoting business.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Features of business
It is based on software development and verification business in Okinawa
Tokyo staff and Okinawa side staff collaborated
I am taking business style.
When launching the project, near the customer
At the stage of carrying out design work and putting it on orbit
I will transfer my work to Okinawa and conduct testing and development.
While maintaining a close relationship with customers,
With efficient and quality work in Okinawa,
We continue to expand our business.
As a result, Okinawa staff also travel to Tokyo a lot
Communication skills as well as technical aspects
We are improving and opening the way to leaders and managers.
Let's challenge myself!
■ Offering service
· Software verification
·Software Development
· Security verification
· Dispatch of engineer

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

■ Software verification
· Content: Test plan construction, test design, test implementation, quality control support
· Industry: smartphone, business system, in-vehicle system, home electronics, other IOT products
■ Software development
· Contents: Web based, embedded system
· Language: Java, PHP, Ruby, C, C ++, etc.
· Industry: Business, Automotive, Android, iOS
■ Security verification
· Content: Security tool development · verification
· Industry: Automotive system, embedded system, IOT products

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

(Main achievements)
· Major home electronics manufacturer: development and testing of products and new products before release
· Major SI companies: evaluation of banking business applications, in-vehicle coverage test
· Public SI companies: Support for quality improvement of business applications
· Other SI companies: Test design and implementation of smartphone / in-vehicle software
· Internet companies: large web software verification
· Public SI companies: Support for quality improvement of business applications
· R & D: Development of security verification tool
· Established in August 2005
· Tokyo office opened in March 2011
· Approximately 10 people entered the software evaluation business from April 2013
· Established 5 bases in Okinawa Prefecture by September 2015 and expanded it to about 120 people
(Member organization)
· General corporate foundation IIOT (special member)
· General CCDT (secretary member)
· TIDA Consortium