Company Introduction

Updated: December 20, 2019

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Tel +81-98-894-7152
Fax +81-98-894-7153
Location 〒901-0152
Naha1831-1 Oroku
Okinawa Industry Support Center 702
CEO Tomoaki Yonesu
Capital 3.000.000 yen
Founded 2004/1

Message to Candidates

We will welcome those who do not fear failures and capture with enthusiasm by narrowing down their wisdom to creating products that will have positive effects on your company management. We constantly thoroughly develop products considering the introduction effect, aiming for companies that are trusted without being affected by every wave.

Company Profile

We have been engaged in the establishment request, the development of software related to RFID, and the development of software operating on mobile terminals. Utilizing that know-how, we are developing package products that are highly effective in introducing RFID. In order to provide convenient and informative software to customers, we will constantly explore new technologies.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

We are developing business mainly on software development related to mobile (mobile phone · smart terminal) and RFID. In development related to RFID, we have experience of developing many reader / writer controls, and we can develop it making full use of accumulated know-how.

■ Packaged Product
· Time Management System
· Equipment management system
· Inspection management system
· Inbound shipment management system
· Vehicle entrance / exit management system
· Common function that integrates various IC tag readers

■ Contract development
Based on customer's requirements, we provide high quality from system planning and planning to manufacturing and operation.
We will strive to provide services that satisfy quality, delivery time and cost.

Example: Web management system / POS register system

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css、html5、css3、Java、PHP、JavaScript、C#、C++、C、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access
We also do development using image authentication and biometric authentication (vein authentication, face authentication) technology.

■ Development language
· Visual studio
· C # / VB / VC ++ / C
· Java
· Adobe AIR

■ DB
· SQLAnywhere
· SQLServer
· Oracle
· PostgreSQL
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Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

Development record
· Introduction of vehicles entrance and exit management system to the port and facilities of Okinawa prefecture inland Bay
· Store management system for restaurants that expand over 400 stores nationwide
· Introduction of attendance management system for companies inside prefecture and outside prefecture
· Systems introduction utilizing subsidies by the country and prefecture
· Development of a global ubiquitous system that realizes producer support and traceability in livestock field utilizing ICT
· Monozukuri small business · small-scale project trial development
· Small and medium enterprise problem solving · Regional collaboration project
· Cabinet Office certification Cooperation with different fields New business field development plan