Company Introduction

Updated: January 8, 2020

  • Call Center


Tel +81-98-993-3150
Fax +81-98-855-6565
Location 〒900-0025
Naha3-3-5 Tsubogawa
Tsubogawa Square Bld. 9F
Representative Director and President Noriaki Kuromizu
Capital 478.800.000 yen
Founded 1998/2
Other Locations Yokohama HQ: Yokohama City Yokohama City 4-4-5 Yokohama Eye Mark Place 3F

Message to Candidates

It is comprehensive reception work from those who have seen WOWOW.
There are many opportunities to talk about the program with customers, so I am looking for people who are interested in entertainment for movies, music, sports etc. Those who can make the best use of experience as an immediate fight are welcome!

Company Profile

Based on our response to inquiries by telephone to WOWOW, we are engaged in the field of customer support with the "heart of hospitality" as our starting point. By providing high-quality communication services cultivated there, we are playing a part in marketing activities of client companies. In addition, through various initiatives centering on the digital marketing domain, we will provide new "high added value" that contributes to marketing activities of customer companies.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Call Center Solutions
We deliver the best call center solution with extensive experience based management know-how, high quality staff, latest call management technology.

■ Social media support
It is called SNS in one person, but the method of operating the site and the way of communicating with the user are quite different.
We will make appropriate SNS selection and site construction and management, including habitual division with existing homepage such as activating connection action with the user, sending useful information in real time, processing complaints promptly, etc.

■ Quality management support
We will support the provision of competitive and sophisticated customer service by scientific approach of service science which we introduced ahead of the industry.
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Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

■ Plus (+) Solution Service: Capture consumers' lack of communication and use it as marketing data, achieve new acquisition, maintain and enhance customer engagement

■ Monitoring center: By implementing and analyzing the monitoring center monitoring using the service science, we clearly verify the evaluation of products and services, the effect of corporate strategy etc. from customer feedback, and quickly reflect on corporate strategy

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

April 1991 WOWOW main broadcast started
February 1998 Established Wow Wow Communications Co., Ltd.
Acquired Privacy Mark June 2001
August 2003 Okinawa branch opened (Naha city)
May 2006 Opened Kansai branch, Sapporo branch
July 2006 Changed the company name to "WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd."
July 2007 WOWCOM College opened
September 2009 Winner of "Human Resources Development Award" excellent 2009 customer care support award system organized by the Japan Information Technology Association
November 2009 Okinawa Branch Relocation (Naha City Utsukawa)
June 2013 Register the 3rd type travel industry, start travel business
October 2013 Opened the EC site "wowshop", started the BtoC shopping business
January 2014 Commendation by the Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association "Privacy Mark System Contributing Business Operators" Recognition