Company Introduction

Updated: January 10, 2020

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MEDIAFLAG Okinawa Inc.

  • MEDIAFLAG Okinawa Inc.
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Tel +81-980-50-0144
Fax +81-980-50-0145
Location 〒905-2172
Nago CityToyohara 224-3
Nago City Multimedia Center 1F
Representative Director and President Kawakami Tomo
Capital 10 million yen
Founded October 2012
Other Locations Naha Office: Korusazyu-ru201, 3-3-21, Uchima, Urasoe Shi, Okinawa Ken, 901-2121, Japan

Message to Candidates

Based on our management philosophy, “Creating a Social Business,” we are developing a staffing and placement business and a BPO business specialized in resort work. He emphasizes humanity over skills, experience, education, and work experience, and has many inexperienced and new PC users. We are looking for friends who can sympathize with the business content, management philosophy, and way of thinking and create history together!

Company Profile

Entered Okinawa in 2012. In charge of back office operations as a BPO center. In addition, "field marketing" and "IoT digital signage" provided by group companies are deployed in Okinawa Prefecture.
As a unique business, we started a full-fledged resort resource specialization "ResortChannel" in 2018, and are mainly engaged in recruitment matching between immigrant job seekers and tourism operators.
In addition, 2020 is the second founding period and we are making many new challenges.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Temporary staffing / recruitment business specialized in resort byte
Utilizing the know-how of the BPO Center, which has a track record of more than 230,000 matches a year, we conduct a staffing business [ResortChannel] specialized in resort byte.
Job seekers are diversifying, and as we enter the era of responding to highly detailed job seeker needs, the human resources sought by companies are diversifying. We work with each employee sincerely, providing more employment opportunities, respecting each person's thoughts and ideas, and dispatching and introducing human resources who work hard to ensure employment with peace of mind.

[Occupation: business content]
You will enter between the job seeker and the hotel, listen to the needs of both sides and match the job. We will communicate with applicants and staff by telephone and email. There are also office work such as visiting the hotel and creating documents.

■ BPO business
We have a single control center in Okinawa for the [Undercover Survey], [Store Patrol], and [Recommended Sales] conducted by the Impact Holdings Group nationwide. We select staff, check surveys, and check patrol reports.
In addition, we utilize the know-how cultivated up to now to support office work for companies other than group companies.

[Occupation: business content]
General affairs: We request the work of staff registered to our group and manage the progress of implementation. In addition, we conduct consistency checks and proofreading of surveys and patrol reports conducted by staff.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

There is no particular need for skills. Emphasis is placed on good personality than skills, experience, academic background, and work experience, and we are recruiting friends who sympathize with business contents, management philosophy, and thinking.There are some employees who has no experience of working,or has little skill of PC when they come to our company.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a listed company, Impact Holdings, Inc. (code No. 6067, TSE Mothers).

October 2012
Media Flag Okinawa Co., Ltd. established
BPO business started
Field marketing business started
June 2013
Naha office opened
October 2013
Asia IT human resource exchange promotion business started
January 2015
Company name changed to MEDIAFLAG Okinawa Co., Ltd.
April 2015
Moved Naha office to Meikaru
August 2017
Acquisition of general worker dispatching business license number Faction 47-300174
"Start of staffing service to hotel"
January 2018
Online identity verification (KYC) business started
April 2018
Obtained Privacy Mark (No. 17003260 (01))
Started staffing service specialized in resort byte
Resort Channel specializing in resort byte "Resort Channel" site opened
May 2018
Let's say.SHOP (app operation) service started
July 2018
Paid job placement permit number: 47-U-300179
March 2018
Naha office relocation

【group Enterprise】
・ Impact Holdings Co., Ltd.
・ Media Flag Shanghai (Meiji Shifu (Shanghai) Management Consulting Co., Ltd.)
・ Cabic Co., Ltd.
・ O & H Corporation
・ ImpactTV Inc.
・ Satsukyari Co., Ltd.
・ Double Work Management Co., Ltd.
・ Shinwa Planning Co., Ltd.
・ RJC Research Inc.