Company Introduction

Updated: December 6, 2018

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  • 株式会社デジタルデザインサービス
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Tel 098-989-8555
Fax 098-989-8531
Location 〒904-2234
CEO Hiroshi Kato
Capital 11000000
Founded September 1998
Other Locations 本社

Message to Candidates

We are looking for people interested in designing using 3DCAD and trainer who teach to people from time to time. Of course, those who have experience are welcome. Even those who do not have confidence in technology are okay if they are enthusiastic. Our staff will follow up with responsibility.

Company Profile

Monodzukuri ... I believe that it is a human "eternal" dream "from the past to the present and for the future. "People" and "Monodzukuri" are inseparable relationships in the history of mankind. It is indispensable to our life and culture. We will contribute to society by providing "professional engineering service with human power". From now on, we will deliver "people" and "technology" services that customers will be delighted with.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ CAD / CAM / CAE solution
A series of business support from tool introduction to launch and operation. "I want to switch my old tools to another tool. "I want to introduce 3DCAD. We propose and sell tools that are optimal for business and the environment to such customers. We will also support a series of requests until operation and maintenance after introduction.
■ Technical support service
We will provide detailed technical support services according to customer's request in contents concerning "manufacturing" from contract design to design model and 2D drawing creation.
■ Personnel training
Thinking from the operation skill of 3DCAD to thinking necessary for manufacturing is considered as "technology" and education is practiced.
■ Software and system development
Proposal and construction of the optimum system environment for operation and data management of customers' tools. By making settings suitable for your business, we eliminate unnecessary work and stress.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

SolidWorks, NX, SOLIDEDGE, Pro / E etc.
"SolidWorks Certified Support & Training Center" Certification
"SolidWorks Distributor" Certification
■ Analysis
Nastran, Pro / MECHANICA, etc.
■ Development
Server software, embedded software, WEB system, application, cloud system etc.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

1998 September Established Digital Design Service Co., Ltd. in Osaka Prefecture Toyosei-gun Nose-cho
April 2000 Moved to Kawanishi Hosoya Building 2F 206 A in Miyano-cho Hyogo Prefecture Kawanishi City
November 2002 Hyogo Prefecture Kawanishi City 1-3 Miaomoncho 1-3 Kawanishi Hohsen Building 2F202 Floor Expansion Relocation
December 2004 Capital increased to 11 million yen Organization changed to digital design service Co., Ltd.
February, 2006 Kawanishi-shi Chuo-cho, Hyogo Prefecture 8-8 Amenity Relocation to Kawanishi Building 4F
November 2007 "SolidWorks Certified Support & Training Center" Certification
February 2008 "SolidWorks Distributor" Certification
October 2008 Acquisition of "Privacy Mark"
July, 2011 "ISO 27001 certification" acquired
July 2012 Moved to 7F of Keihan Dojima building 2-1-31 Dojima Kita-ku Osaka-shi Osaka
July 2012 Establishment of Okinawa MONOZUKURI IT Center in Uruma City, Okinawa Prefecture