Company Introduction

Updated: November 27, 2018

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IT Tusin Co., Ltd.

  •  IT Tusin Co., Ltd.
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Tel +81-98-882-6103
Fax +81-98-882-6104
Location 〒901-1111
Haebaru123 Kanegusuku
POP Bld. 4F
Representative Director and President Yousei Takahashi
Capital 3.000.000 yen
Founded 2004/7

Message to Candidates

· A person who likes IT (information technology) and loves it.
· People who have their own field of specialization and continue to challenge new things.
· People who can care about their friends.

Company Profile

IT Communication Co., Ltd. is a company that realizes customer's "want to do this". Developing CTI system in response to the feeling "smoothly handling telephone calls". In response to the desire of "to respond to increasing work", develop a business system for dynamic database management. "Minerva Scope 2013" is packed with such feelings.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Development and sales of "Minerva Scope 2013" integrated business management system integrating customer management, CTI, groupware, sales management functions, etc.

■ Planning and production of web site, site construction by CMS (Joomla)

■ Planning design such as company information · brochures · flyers · posters

■ Construction and maintenance of Linux server and Windows server

■ Network, building various VPN. Installation of firewall etc.

■ Installation and maintenance of business phones, telephone exchanges, long distance extension integrated systems

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css、html5、css3、PHP、JavaScript、C#、VisualBasic.NET、MySQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access、Photoshop、Illustrator、InDesign、After Effects

■ CTI system development technology

■ Integrated business management system development base system possession

■ Open source CMS: Web site construction using Joomla!

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

★ Certification of the first new collaborative business plan in 2008
· Business Theme: Development and sale of low price CRM · CTI · IT daily report · groupware integrated system for small and medium enterprises.
★ Business accreditation of correction manufacturing manufacturing subsidy in Heisei 20th year
· Business plan name: "Life Ending Social Network" construction
★ Track record of development and maintenance of business system
· Naha City: Development of the Legal Cemetery Management System.
· Public Interest Foundation Okinawa Prefecture Memorial Development Association: Development of cemetery and mausoleum management system.
· Maruzu Corporation: Lease sales management system development.
★ Results of server system construction and maintenance
· Nagaku University: Construction and maintenance of WEB · SNS server
★ Results of construction and maintenance of WEB site
· Okinawa Prefecture Tourism Association · Public University Corporation Nagaku University · Senior High School Development College Academy · Comprehensive Funerary, Inc. Naha · Public Interest Foundation Okinawa Prefecture Memorial Development Association · Okinawa Prefecture Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Association · Junior Medical Corporation A meeting