Company Introduction

Updated: January 9, 2024

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okicom Co., Ltd.

  • okicom Co., Ltd.
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Tel +81-98-898-5335
Fax +81-98-870-2088
Location 〒901-2223
Ginowan1-17-1 Oyama
CEO Kai Odo
Capital 50.000.000 yen
Founded 1980/1
Other Locations Naha Branch (TDS ANTS Ltd.): 1-17-1 Kume, Naha City Oyama Office: Room 1-DE, 2-9-2 Oyama, Ginowan City Northern Branch: 1443 Matsuda, Ginoza Village Ginoza IT Operation Park Incubation Room 4 Machinato Office: Machinato Bowl 2F, 4-16-5 Makiminato, Urasoe City, Nawa Prefecture

Message to Candidates

① Human resources with problem-solving ability
②Human resources who can handle work as their own responsibility
③Human resources with teamwork

Company Profile

Throughout our long history of 45 years since our founding, we have continued to hire new graduates on a regular basis, with a low turnover rate and many employees based on our awareness of ``rewarding roles,'' ``being able to design future plans,'' and ``accommodating diverse work styles.'' New graduates who join our company are working as managers and executives at our company.

I want to make the work environment even better.
I want to make my work easier,
I want people to know about my business, etc.

From consultation on a single product that makes you wish there was a system like this.
Up to DX support such as those who want to utilize customer data for sales.

okicom strives to respond to customers' questions such as "Is this possible?"

In order to help our customers solve their problems, we are developing human resources who can think and work, and we are looking for people who can support us in both the substrate business and new business. We are also planning a new office building, and will continue to ``challenge new things'' in the future.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

~Construction-related solutions~
Drone/i-Construction/CIM・BIM/Civil engineering/Architecture estimation/3D content creation/3D CAD/Electronic delivery/Cost management

~Public/municipal solutions~
GIS/Tourism related/ICT related equipment/PC classrooms and other education related/Local welfare support/Nursing facility support/Support for people with disabilities/Support for people requiring assistance during disasters

~Real estate solutions~
Rental management/buying and selling brokerage sales support

~ Core/maintenance solutions ~
Financial accounting/Sales management/Payroll/Attendance/Server/Network/Security/VM/Cloud/IT maintenance services

~LED/Eco Solution~
LED/ecosystem/projection mapping/illumination

~New business planning~
RPA / Chatbot / IoT / Business model development / IT consultant / Regional resource revitalization / Local production

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css,Java,PHP,JavaScript,Objective-C,Python,VisualBasic.NET,MySQL,ProstgreSQL,Microsoft SQL Server,Microsoft Access,Photoshop,Illustrator

· On the proposal, development and maintenance of software in the system development department
ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 (JIS Q 27001: 2014)

· PANDUIT authorized installer

Mirai Enterprise is a long-established IT company with 43 years of history that uses the power of IT to create a fun future together with customers.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

I have grown to a computer and professional group of West Japan's largest now.

Founded in 1980, Okinawa Computer Sales Co., Ltd.
1984 Development of Automatic Civil Engineering System ADD System
1989 Bowling alley auto lane system sales
1993 Civil engineering system sales
1995 Development of GIS park ledger system
1997 Fishing port general management system development started development
1998 OEM to ADD System to prefecture manufacturers
Established TDS ANTS (Naha branch) limited company
2003 NPO corporation Okinawa Geographic Information System Association established / participated
2006 one-stop IT support Okinawa prefecture management reform plan approval
Acquired ISO 27001 certification in 2007 (Development Department)
Fishing port comprehensive management system shipment outside the prefecture
2008 Fishing Harbor Integrated Management System Informationization Month Promotion Conference Chairperson Award
2013 Okinawa Prefecture Industry and Employment Expansion Prize for Promoting Prefectural Citizens Mention Achievement Achievement
2015 changed company name to okicom Co., Ltd.