Company Introduction

Updated: November 27, 2018

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Tel +81-98-941-5515
Fax +81-98-941-5516
Location 〒900-0004
Naha2-3-6 Mekaru
Naha IT Innovation Center 302
CEO Higa Tooru
Capital 15.000.000 yen
Founded 1991/3

Message to Candidates

The POS system used in the retail industry · food industry is attracting attention as a familiar business system.
Why do not you make a POS system that changes and grows day by day with us!
I hope that you have a close relationship with everyone.

Company Profile

Since its founding, we have pursued POS system which dramatically improves and develops both the management side and the work site as software maker of POS register. In addition, by constantly conducting product development through introduction and maintenance services, we are constantly making changes in the times and creating products that respond to user needs.
From now on as an industry front runner, we will continue to provide the most powerful tools to survive fierce sales wars.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

System lineup
· Big Bang POS
Large-sized mass retailer to small specialty shop leave it with this one unit.
· Big Bang · Escute
Ordering (automatic ordering) system for restaurants. Please compare the performance price.
· Duty free shop compatible system
Automated cumbersome tax exemption procedure! Introduction results in prefecture № 1
· Nicoletie
Cloud collaboration type small POS system for small stores.

■ Settlement · Point service
· Introduction of credit terminal
VISA · Master · CUP card etc.
· Introduction of electronic money terminal
Rakuten Edy · WAON · Transportation Electronic Money etc.
· Introduction of smaho payment terminal
Alipay (WeChat)
· Common point terminal introduction
Rakuten Points

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

■ Toshiba Tec Core Business Partner
■ Rakuten Edy, Rakuten R Point Agency
■ Credit terminal agency
■ Oracle Partner
■ BHT Software Consortium Members
■ Escort Business Partner
■ Joined the Japan Shopping Tourism Association

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

Established Raymay Computer March 1991
Received the "Encouragement Prize" of the 7th Distribution System Award in October 1997
February 1999 Introduced in "Okinawa's Only One Company"
Winner of the 1st Business-Only One Award in February 2000
April 2001 Released the world's smallest and lightest POS "Pocket POS"
Received "Technology Development Encouragement Award" of the 36th Small and Medium Enterprise Center Award in January 2002
January 2004 Released POS system compatible with electronic money (Edy)
June 2004 The first commercialization possibility evaluation company will be certified
May 2006 It is introduced in the book "Law of success to learn in Okinawa"
July 2008 Released high-speed cash register system "stream"
November 2008 "Big Bang Escute" released
October 2014 Released "Passport Reader System" for Duty Free Shops
January 2016 Common point "Rakuten points" service release
September 2016 Release of smartphone settlement "Alipay terminal" for Chinese
November 2016 Okinawa Prefecture Work-Life Balance Company Certification