Company Introduction

Updated: January 15, 2020

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Computer Okinawa CO.,LTD.

  • Computer Okinawa CO.,LTD.
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Tel +81-98-879-8433
Fax +81-98-879-8435
Location 〒900-2132
Urasoe4-8-2 Iso
Sunrise Bld. 1F
CEO Kouyuu Nago
Capital 5000
Founded 1982/7
Other Locations HQ: 7-7 Suzaki, Uruma, Okinawa

Message to Candidates

Computer Okinawa is a company that was rooted in the region for 33 years.
We are introducing IT related equipment and network construction.
Why do not you take advantage of your possibilities in a workplace where you can learn and grow together.

Company Profile

We propose and introduce computers, information-related equipment, network construction etc. to local governments, schools, general corporations in the prefecture with the motto "I want to make computer flowers blossom in Sumimi in Okinawa."

· Personal information protection · Management system · Company acquiring privacy mark
· Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare · Specified Worker Dispatching Business Operator

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

■ Sales of computers and related equipment
Proposal of network system proposal
■ Maintenance, repair
■ Software development, HP planning and production
■ Dispatch of IT engineer

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

● Manufacturer certification
· Project Management · Specialist
· Microsoft MCP (various)
· VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4
· Citrix XenApp 6 (Name omitted)
· NEC certified technology CE (PC · printer)
· EPSON certified technology CE (printer)

● Development language

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

· High school prefecture high school maintenance of personal computer class by net boot system
· Elementary and junior high schools in the prefecture Electric blackboard system classroom maintenance
· Government information system system virtualization construction business
· Government agencies Medical institution information database
· Many other experiences

Company History
Established as an independent company in Okinawa City in 1982
1986 Established Computer Okinawa Limited (Capital: 15 million yen)
1991 Organization change to computer Okinawa Co., Ltd. (capital 50 million yen)
In 1996 Urumaichi (formerly Shijikawa City) completed a new building in the statezaki, relocated the head office
2006 won 100 Best IT Awards "Best Award" (Certified by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
2008 Okinawa IT Management Award "Cabinet Office Okinawa Comprehensive Secretary-General Award" won
Acquired Privacy Mark 2009
Received "Best of the Year" at the 1st Homepage Contest Office Division in 2011
The 30th anniversary of 2012 will be celebrated