Company Introduction

Updated: February 18, 2021

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Okinawa Tecnos CO., LTD.

  • Okinawa Tecnos CO., LTD.
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Tel +81-98-860-7837
Fax +81-98-860-8191
Location 〒900-0015
Naha1-3-1 Kumoji
Kumoji Central Building 7F
Representative Director and President Minoru Ishida
Capital 100.000.000 yen
Founded 2007/7
Other Locations Development Center: Uruma-shi IT Tsingguang Park, Tokyo Branch: Tokyo Opera City Tower

Message to Candidates

What is important as a professional group is not just technology. We are looking for people who are good at communicating \\\"communication with people\\\", those with bright characters. The undergraduate department / department is innocent and our technical ability is transferred to everyone.

Company Profile

Okinawa corporation with parent company 100% owned by Technos Japan.
It is a system development company that integrated Okinawa\\\'s environment centered on nearshore development, which inherited Technos Japan\\\'s ERP system introduction / system development know-how.
Especially, taking advantage of geographical conditions, there is a strategy as a development base for Asian global overseas development.
We aim to establish a bridge (Tsing beam) with Okinawa that understands what customers want.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

We are one of the few near-shore system development companies in Okinawa to build / provide consistent service from ERP system consultation to development ~ maintenance.
What is ERP? How can we summarize the existing systems in the company to improve efficiency and eliminate \\\"unevenness, unevenness, waste\\\"? It refers to the system.
Established Okinawa Technos Tokyo branch in April this year.
A system can be planned to further improve SE service and promptly respond to customers in the metropolitan area, starting the bridge between Okinawa and the metropolitan area (Tsing beam).
ERP business which is the main axis also expanded to OPEN system development which was not started, we are advancing to attract more development projects to Okinawa.
We will expand to AMS in the future and consistently support from customer planning and development to maintenance, management and extension. We would like to improve development productivity and reduce costs.

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Java、JavaScript、C#、C++、C、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access

The development know-how of ERP (business-based system) is the best in Japan, and the system consultancy ratio of business system is a technical group called TOP in Okinawa.
The Technos Group provides true professional services to customers,
By receiving long-term trust, we aim to be a company with pride and responsibility to break up tomorrow.
For that reason, we are putting great effort into developing human resources to cite \\\'human power\\\' in particular.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

July 2007 Established Okinawa Technos Corporation in Kumoji
April 2008 TECNOS group freshman training started in Okinawa
August 2008 ISMS certification acquired as Okinawa Technos
June 2009 Okinawa Prefecture ISMS consulting business started
November 2010, head office moved to Naha City Kinkari IT creation museum, development to Urumaichi Okinawa prefecture IT Tsinkge Park for business expansion
May 2012 IT Tsingguang Park B Building for increased floor movements
February 2013 Okinawa Prefecture I turn / U turn event, Naha city recruitment assistance etc. Participation
April 2014 Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance & Newcomer Training (Tohoku University)
April 2015 Tohoku Reconstruction Assistance & Newcomer Training (Higashimatsushima)
September 2015 Listed on Technos Japan TSE 1st section
April 2016 Okinawa Technos Tokyo branch opened

Group: Technos Japan Technos Data Science Engineering Co., Ltd. · Technos Research America