Company Introduction

Updated: February 6, 2024

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Tel +81-98-917-0612
Fax +81-98-917-0663
Location 〒901-2224
Ginowan1-13-16 Mashiki
Representative Director and President Yukitomo Yogi
Capital 11.350.000 yen
Founded 1990/12
Other Locations Urasoe Sales Office: Urasoe-shi, Okinawa Prefecture 5 - 5 - 2 Makiminato Port

Message to Candidates

Our management philosophy is "Respect and passion"
Respect people and work with passion for everything.
We are looking for such personnel.

Company Profile

People who use in heart and computer

No matter how technology advances it will not change. That means that there is a "person".
What computer technology aims for. It is a "connection" between people and people
Eku Opin is standing in such a human perspective, develop freely the technical capabilities of the leading edge and original creative thinking power.
We are building an information processing system that connects people and society heart-to-heart and aiming for a rich environment where people live comfortably.

Overview of Business Content・Products and Services

· Information system related consulting, security policy formulation support service
· System construction · Introduction support service
· Network & security construction support service
· Computer equipment sales and software development
· IT related maintenance service and operation support service
· Cloud service
· Payment collection service (rent · accounts receivable · nursing-care insurance burden payment · school lunch fee etc account transfer)
· School mailing service
· Outsourcing service

Proprietary Technologies and Other Strengths

Html/css、html5、css3、Java、PHP、JavaScript、Ruby、C#、Objective-C、Python、C、Swift、Unity、VisualBasic.NET、Oracle、MySQL、ProstgreSQL、SQLite、Microsoft SQL Server、Microsoft Access、Photoshop、Illustrator、InDesign、After Effects、Maya、3dsMax

As a group of the Okinawa Bank, we are engaged in general from construction, operation and maintenance of financial industry systems and networks that require high security.
We provide such know-how widely to local governments and private companies as well, and we are helping the construction and operation of ICT environment with security and stability.

Main Achievements・History・Group Companies

■ Main achievements
Information system related consulting services to financial institutions, local governments and private companies
System construction and introduction support service to financial institutions, local governments and private companies
Network & security construction support service to financial institutions, local governments and private companies

1988 Established SSPO Co., Ltd.
Established 1990 Okin Gijutsu System Service Co., Ltd.
2005 merger birth of Okin P.O.
2006 School mailing service (む ポ ン) started operation
Acquired ISO / IEC 27001 "JIS Q 27001" in 2006
2008 payment collection system WEB service conversion
2012 Okinawa Prefecture participate in the construction of "cloud base formation promotion project" (Okinawa-type cloud common basis)
2013 Moved Headquarters from Urasoe City Maki Port to Ginowan City Shinji
Started cloud service in 2015 (participate in construction of Okinawa Prefecture "Cloud base formation promotion project" (Okinawa-type cloud common foundation) from 2012 and start service)