Establishment Guide

Posted: 3月 24, 2020Updated: 9月 8, 2020

Recommended websites

Information on Okinawa Prefecture/Company Location Relations

Okinawa Prefectural Government
Information Industry Promotion Division
Industrial Policy Division
Industrial Site Promotion Division

Support for the Advancement of BPO Companies

Okinawa Prefecture Digitization Promotion Project Cooperative Association

Finding Job Information

Hello Work (Check Okinawa area with the recruitment information search)
Radical Okinawa Co., Ltd.
Bokeno Corporation
Kyujinokinawa Corporation
Good Job Center Okinawa
Okinawa Grant Support Center

Perform Registration Procedures

Naha District Legal Affairs Bureau Website
Naha District Legal Affairs Bureau
Ginowan Branch
Okinawa Branch Office
Nago Branch Office
Miyakojima Branch Office
Ishigaki Branch Office

For Improving IT Infrastructure

E-SIR Corporation
Okijimu Corporation
SCSK Corporation

Internet Service Provider

Ryucom Internet Service
Okinawa Telecommunication Network Co., Inc. OTNnet
NTT West Corporation
KDDI Corporation
OCC Southern Cross Corporation
Okinawa Cable Network Inc.
Champuru Net
Okinawa Prefecture Career Center

Municipality Contact Information

Naha City
Ginowan City
Urasoe City
Nago City
Itoman City
Okinawa City
Tomigusuku City
Uruma City
Nakijin Village
Motobu Town
Onna Village
Kin Town
Ie Village
Yomitan Village
Kadena Town
Chatan Town
Kitanakagusuku Village
Nakagusuku Village
Nishihara Town
Nanjo City
Yonabaru Town
Yaese Town
Haebaru Town
Ginoza Village

Finding a Place to Live

CHINTAI Okinawa Area
Okinawa HOME’S
Okinawa at home
Naha Mensore Office
Daito Trust Construction

Finding Office Properties

Ryukyu Corporation
Career Estate
Business Center KEEP FRONT
Miki Shoji

Finding Office Furniture

Biz-up Inc.
Okijimu Corporation

Supplying Water

Okinawa Prefecture Enterprise Bureau
Okinawa City Waterworks Bureau
Naha City Waterworks Bureau
Nanbu Water Supply Authority
Itoman City Waterworks Bureau
Ginowan City Waterworks Bureau
Nago City Waterworks Bureau
Urasoe City Waterworks Bureau
Tomigusuku City Waterworks Department General Affairs Section

Supplying Electricity

Okinawa Electric Power Company
Head Office
Tokyo Branch Office
Naha Branch
Yonobaru Office
Urasoe Branch
Uruma Branch
Nago Branch
Miyako Branch
Yaeyama Branch
Kumejima Electric Works

Installing Phone Lines (corporation)

NTT West Corporation Okinawa Branch
KDDI Corporation

Supplying Gas

Okinawa Gas Co., Ltd.
Shiraishi Co., Ltd.
JA Okinawa Fuel Division (Gas)

Using Transportation

Yui Rail (Monorail from Airport)
Bus Navi Okinawa (bus location system for 4 companies in the prefecture)
Expressway Information “NEXCO West Nippon” Route and Toll Search
Road Information Service System