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Posted: 3月 31, 2021Updated: 4月 6, 2021

IT and Financial Industry Composition is Increasing in Okinawa

Attractive OKINAWA - Overview

Basic information on Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture, located in the southwest of Japan and the center of East Asia, is an island prefecture formed by 47 inhabited islands including Okinawa Island and 113 uninhabited islands. With its warm climate, beautiful sea, and rich nature, Okinawa is surrounded by an attractive environment that can only be found here in Japan.

  • Total area: 2,281㎢
  • Total population: 1.454 Million (Oct 2019 est.)
  • Population density :634.8 /㎢ (Oct 2018)

Industries in Okinawa

In Okinawa, 80% of the industries are in the service industry, mainly tourism, and the information and communication industry, which are the major pillars supporting the economy. In addition, the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and manufacturing industries also produce many attractive specialty products that take advantage of Okinawa’s warm climate and unique characteristics.

Living Environment in Okinawa


  • The climate is mild all year round with little temperature difference, making it comfortable to spend time here throughout the year.
  • Less cedar pollen (allergy) and comfortable in early spring compared with other cities in Japan.




In order to spend the long summer in Okinawa comfortably, the wearing of "Kariyushi-wear" has become an established practice in business scenes and at various tourist spots. The design features motifs of Okinawan culture and nature and is popular among tourists.


Child-rearing and educational environment

  • Birth rate 1st in Japan
  • A lot of large parks for children to play.
  • A lot of international schools.

Brimming With Energy, Okinawa is Japan's Youngest Prefecture


Comfortable Business Environment

As one of Japan's top resort regions visited by large number of tourists from around Japan and the world, Okinawa Boasts an Extensive Aviation Service Network and excellent access also optimal for the business scene.

Optimal Access to Asia's Major Cities

Naha Airport's domestic and international route networks are among the best in Japan. Connect with Asia's major cities in 4 hours or less with flights from Okinawa.

<As of Dec, 2019>
・Domestic flights to 30 cities
・International flights to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok.

Excellent access enables you to fully enjoy your days off work

  • Excellent access to major sightseeing spots within Okinawa
  • Third highest number of domestic passenger flight services in Japan!
    Approx. 40 "Tokyo-Okinawa" flights, 30 "Kansai-Okinawa" flights, etc.
  • Direct international flights to and from 15 cities around the world. Use your weekends to casually venture overseas!

Ideal for Workcations

Enjoy a "Resort" work station surrounded
by a rich natural environment

  • Locations boasting blue skies and gorgeous beaches that spread before your eyes
  • Beautiful natural surroundings currently being considered for World Heritage designation


The Optimal Business Environment for Expanding into Japan

4 Reasonstoexpand into OKinawa


1 Geographical characteristics

  • Optimal access to Asia's major cities
    Naha Airport's domestic and international route networks are among the best in Japan.
    Connect with Asia's major cities in 4 hours or less with flights from Okinawa.
  • Reducing the risk of simultaneous disasters
    With the reduced risk of simultaneous disasters due to the prefecture's distance from mainland Japan,
    Okinawa provides answers to business issues by serving as a base for dispersing development and data collection activities.

2 Substantial IT Infrastructure

  • Public-private partnership cloud environment
    With submarine 1iber-optic cables directly connecting the Asia-Okinawa-Tokyo area and public-private cloud data centers, an environment is in place to create two-way business between Asia and japan.
  • Okinawa IT Shinryo Park and other support facilities
    The Okinawa IT Shinryo Park, a strategic base for resorts and IT, a bridge between Japan and Asia、
    and other facilities operated by municipalities have been established in various locations.

3 Support system for your business

  • Tax incentives
    Special tax Incentives such as the highest rate of income tax deduction in Japan (up to 40%) and investment tax credit are available.
  • Software development, human resource development, and employment support
    These include subsidies for development costs related to overseas business expansion into Okinawa,
    support for demonstration activities using IT technology, support for upgrading the skills of IT engineers, and subsidies for new hires.

4 Resort Location

Surrounded by a warm climate and abundant nature, you can enjoy both your work and private life.

Rapid Buildup of the Information and IT Industry in Okinawa

490 Companies Established 29,748 Jobs Generated

Okinawa Prefecture has focused on developing the Information and communication industries as an economic strategy. As a result, 490 IT companies have established businesses, and about 30,000 new jobs have been generated as of January 2020.

※The number of information/communication-related businesses in Okinawa Prefecture is approx. 900 (in total).

Okinawaʼs Vision for the Future

ResorTech Okinawa enriches the lives and activities
of visitors and people living in resorts.

We envision the future of Okinawa as a resort island based on the concept of SDGs.
Technology is the key element in connecting the industries to this resort destination, providing comforts and safe environments for those who visit, work, and live in Okinawa.
By preserving Okinawa's beautiful nature, rich culture, as well as its unique history, we strive to transform Okinawa into a place full of vitality, hopes, and diversity.
"ResorTech Okinawa" is based on these visions for Okinawa.

Our mission is to promote and propagate this future vision to the world.

The definition of "ResorTech"

Created by combining the words “Resort” and “Technology”, ResorTech is the leveraging of technology to enhance the safety, security, quality, and comfort of lifestyles and activities of both residents and visitors in resort destinations. The term also refers to the utilization of technology in increasing productivity and adding values to the goods and services of all participating industries in resort destinations such as tourism, hote


ls and accommodation, F&B, retail, transportation, healthcare, welfare services, manufacturing, as well as agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.



Transforming Okinawa through DX

All industries in Okinawa are evolving through DX(※): improving productivity, creating new businesses, and solving social issues. The government support aligned with the principles of ResorTech Okinawa and each company's insatiable challenge are the core values of ResorTech365. We also actively support the overseas companies entering the Okinawa market.

Support Measures

“Okinawa International IT Trade Fair”
brings together the all aspects of ResorTech!!

Once a year, we host a trade show with multiple events (exhibitions, business meetings, seminars) both online and onsite.
The fair attracts participants from overseas and is a great place to showcase the ResorTech activities.
The event also provides business opportunities both in Japan and in the overseas market.

2020 Results: 21,940 visitors, 1,825 online participants

Next schedule: Nov. 18 (Thu) - 19(Fri), 2021 / Online Event: Nov. 1(Mon)-30(Tue), 2021 (tentative)

For inquiries about Okinawa International IT Trade Fair

Okinawa International IT Trade Fair Executive Committee



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