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Posted: 4月 1, 2021Updated: 4月 9, 2021

Well-equipped Infrastructures and Support Facilities

International Information and Communication
Hub Connecting Japan and Asia

Okinawa Prefecture maintains a government-private collaborative cloud environment as one package. Comprised of the Okinawa International Information and Communication Network (optical submarine cable), which directly connects the Tokyo Metropolitan area, Okinawa, and Asia. The Okinawa Cloud Network, which interconnects major data centers within Okinawa; and public-built, private-operated cloud data centers. Support for reducing communications costs between Okinawa and mainland Japan is also provided. By providing this high-level information and communications base, Okinawa is providing an environment that generates bidirectional business with Asia in addition to high added-value services applying practical-use technology such as cloud computing and big data.

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What can be achieved using Okinawa's cloud environment

Use as a New Operations Base

By basing business data management and system operations in Okinawa using data centers and the Okinawa Cloud Network, operations on par with the Tokyo Metropolitan Area are possible.

Provision of Remote Backup Services

In Okinawa, which is at low risk for simultaneous disasters, services supporting business data management can be provided as DR (Disaster Restoration) hot sites from the perspective of DR and BCP (Business Continuity Plans).

Provision of Content Delivery Services

The Tokyo Metropolitan area, Okinawa, and Asia are directly connected, making it possible to deliver large-volume data—images, videos, games, etc.—bidirectionally between Okinawa and the Tokyo Metropolitan area/Asia.

Okinawa International Information and Communications Network

The Okinawa International Information and Communication Network (optical submarine cable) is a broadband dedicated-line service connecting Okinawa directly with Asia and the Tokyo Metropolitan area. It provides a high-speed, large-volume, low-cost communication network, achieving a reduction in communication costs between Okinawa and the Tokyo Metropolitan area and Asia, which had been an issue.

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Okinawa International Information and Communications Network
NTT Communications Corporation E-mail
SoftBank Corp. E-mail

Okinawa Cloud Network

This telecommunications network connects major data centers in Okinawa and major bases, including Okinawa IT Shinryo Park, via high-speed optical lines, ensuring high potential and redundancy.


Okinawa Cloud Network
Okinawa Cross Head Co., Ltd. TEL.+81-98-860-0203(main)

Okinawa Information and Communication Center

Completed in 2015 as a backup and risk-dispersion base for information assets, this facility is Okinawa’s newest public-built private-operated could data center. Located 41.4m above sea level, the center provides a staple power supply through: duel-system (redundant routing substations), electrify receipt, UPS redundancy, and emergency-use power generation equipment (60 hours of operation with reserve fuel 200 hours of operation with additional fuel). the facility’s quake-absorbing structure, which reduces the impact on buildings when an earthquake occurs guaranteeing a high level of safety.

Major data centers in the prefecture


Okinawa Information and Communication Center
OCC CORPORATION TEL.+81-98-876-1171(main)
Okinawa Information and Communication Center (DC) Management and Operation Consortium TEL.+81-98-982-6677


Bridging Japan and Asia Okinawa IT Shinryo Park

What is the Okinawa IT Shinryo Park?

With its name “Shinryo” meaning the bridge to Asia, Okinawa’s IT Shinryo Park is a large scale project with the aim of making Okinawa prefecture is an important hub of information and communication-related industries both at home and abroad.

Facility Name Floor Space/㎡ Rent/month
1 Core Function Support Facility A-Bldg. 3,054
B-Bldg. 5,930
2 Center for Promotion of Business Establishment 2,805 1,720yen/㎡
3 Asia IT Training Center 1,936 2,500yen/㎡
4 Base Facility for Verification
of Information Communication Devices
2,435 1,770yen/㎡
5 Industry Composition Facility No.1 2,890 5,360,244yen
6 Industry Composition Facility No.2 3,043 6,154,558yen
7 Industry Composition Facility No.3 2,980 5,620,280yen
8 Industry Composition Facility No.4 3,246 6,098,059yen
9 Industry Composition Facility No.5 3,068 6,057,523yen
10 Industry Composition Facility No.6 3,097 6,668,100yen
11 Asia IT Business Center 3,030 2,240yen/㎡
12 Industry Composition Facility No.7 3,190 ※Scheduled to
open in July 2021

Asia IT Business Center

The purpose of this facility is to prepare an integrated environment for the companies and human resources in order to promote the development of business for both Japan and Asia, including the creation of business through cooperation and collaboration with IT companies in Asia and other foreign countries.

Facility Features

  • Low rent fee compared with city area
  • High level of security measures
  • No deposit and gratuity fee
  • Stable power supply (redundant)
  • Nearby commercial facilities
  • Multiple rooms can be used as a single unit.

Facility Specification

Overview of IT Business Center Office
  • Raised floor: H 100mm (Server Room H 300mm)
  • Power capacity: 100VA/㎡
  • Main & spare power receiving system (2 routes)
  • Available uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Security: Access control system & CCTV
  • Parking : 307 cars *allocation to resident companies
  • Ceiling height: 2,700 mm

Security Zone


Asia IT Business Center / Office Rooms(Business zone)


Management Office/Okinawa IT Shinryo Park 14-17 Suzaki, Uruma City, Okinawa 904-2234
TEL. +81-98-989-0153

Municipal support facilities

Within the prefecture, there are 26 support facilities managed by each municipality. In accordance with the application procedures of each municipality, it is possible to apply for the use of or to move into facilities such as meeting rooms.

Rental Office

List of major portal sites for rental offices in Japan
※English site available


* If you sign up for a rental office that offers virtual office services, you can register your company at that address.

Coworking Space

There are plenty of coworking spaces with good infrastructure in office districts, hotels, and near the ocean.