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Posted: 4月 1, 2021Updated: 5月 25, 2021

Establishing a Company and Life in Okinawa

Support for Foreign Companies Expanding into Okinawa

Okinawa Investment Support Center

We provide information about business environment and economic situation of Okinawa as well as consultation services for incorporation of a business. We also introduce hubs of international distribution and provide information and support about various incentives for business. In addition, for those who wish to visit and observe companies in Okinawa before you deploy investment or other specific plans, we coordinate and accompany your visit.

Normal scenario to establish a company in Okinawa


Okinawa Investment Support Center
Overseas and Business Support Division, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation
TEL.+81-98-894-6288 FAX.+81-98-859-6233
※Business Hours : Monday - Friday JPT 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

Steps of setting up business in Japan

Reference: JETRO Website - Setting up Business
Okinawa Investment Support Center will provide support for the above procedures as necessary.

1 General flow of procedures for establishing a company
 (case of joint-stock corporation)

1.Advance preparations

Determination of profile of joint-stock corporation to be established
Examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau of identical corporate names
Preparation of joint-stock corporation's articles of incorporation
Acquisition of registration certificates, etc. for the parent company, and preparation of affidavits regarding the
profile of the parent company and affidavits regarding signatures of the representatives of the parent company

2.Application for establishment

Notarization of joint-stock corporation's articles of incorporation by a Japanese notary
Remittance of joint-stock corporation capital to the account of the incorporator, or representative director, or
director at incorporation
Appointment of directors and other officers, such as representative directors and auditors
Examination by directors and auditors of the legality of establishment procedures
Application at the Legal Affairs Bureau for registration of joint-stock corporation establishment and the
registration of company seal at the Legal Affairs Bureau

3.Procedures after application

The acquisition of a certificate on registered information and a company seal impression certificate
Opening of a bank account under the company name *2
The notification of stock acquisition to the Bank of Japan


Reference: JETRO Website - Procedures for registering establishment

2 Opening a bank account under company name

In general, the following items are required to open a corporate account. Please contact your bank to be corresponded for more details as each bank may have different procedures.

  •  Landline phone number
  •  Business card
  •  Contracts with business partners, etc.
  •  Passport
  •  Residence card
  •  Corporate seal
  • Materials that show your business, such as websites
  • Certified copy of the corporate register
  • Certificate of seal impression of the corporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Copy of the tax office report


With its many attractive features,
Okinawa is an agreeable place to live and to do business

Medical Care in Okinawa

Bringing Security to Life with Advanced Medical Facilities

The prefecture operates five hospitals covering the northern, central, and southern (including Naha) parts of the main island, as well as the Miyako and Yaeyama islands, respectively. As well as, another 16 clinics associated with those hospitals.
There are emergency hospitals in every part of the prefecture with staff who can handle foreign languages as well, So even in one in a million emergency situations those who do not speak Japanese can have peace of mind.

A Useful Site in the Case of Illness

In the case that one should need medical attention in Japan, this helpful website provides easy to understand directions in English, Chinese, and Korean on where one should go base on current symptoms.

Education in Okinawa

Providing Information About Education that Takes the Needs of Non-Japanese in Mind

Hoping to create a place where foreign residents can rest easy when it comes to living in Okinawa prefecture, we provide multilingual guidance for the education system and educational enrollment. The local government conducts information sessions about student life, and holds orientation sessions on its systems for helping student enrollment. With the efforts for the promotion of information about the education with those who are non-Japanese in mind, anyone relocating to Okinawa with school age children has no need to worry.

International Schools in the Prefecture
Okinawa Amicus International(Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School) TEL: +81-98-979-4711/Uruma City
Okinawa Christian School International TEL: +81-98-958-3000/Yomitan Village
New Life Academy TEL: +81-98-870-3893/Nakagusuku Village
Japanese Classes + Japanese Language Vocational School
Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation TEL: +81-98-942-9215/Ginowan City
Japanese Language Institute, International Center of Language & Culture TEL: +81-98-859-3881/Naha City
Japanese Language School SAELU TEL: +81-98-943-3297/Naha City

Case Study of Technology Education:
Okinawa Amicus, 6th in the world. Robotics competition for students

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Canada 2020-X, one of the world's largest robotics competitions for students, was held online November 12-15, 2020. AMICUS RS, a team from Okinawa Amicus International Elementary School, and Amicus TNK, a team from its Junior High School, took 6th place in the elementary school division and junior high school division, respectively. This is the first time for a prefectural team in Okinawa to win 6th place in the junior high school division, and two consecutive years in the elementary school division.
Reference: The Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper 17th Nov,2020

Living Conditions in Okinawa

Even though the rent fee for housing in Okinawa is only about 60% of that in Tokyo, the compact urban design allows for a fulfilling lifestyle close to the city, the ocean, and nature.

Historically, Okinawa has had a lot of exchange with foreign countries, and many foreigners are already living in Okinawa today. Therefore, it has been developed as an environment where foreigners can live comfortably.

Safety and Disaster Prevention in Okinawa

Japan is known as a country that is peaceful and orderly. According to the 2020 Global Peace Index (produced by the Economist magazine from the U.K.), Japan is the 9th most peaceful country in the world.

Useful Websites in the Event of Disaster
Most local governments in Okinawa have prepared local community disaster prevention guide maps and evacuation center maps in multiple languages for foreign residents in the event that a typhoon, earthquake, or some other disaster occurs. The Okinawa Disaster Prevention Information Portal also provides information about typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami, advisories, and warnings in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean.

In the Event of Emergency
Fire, injury, or sudden illness TEL 119
direct to call for a fire truck or ambulance.
Accidents and crimes TEL 110
direct to call the police.

Business Support Organizations in Okinawa

IT Innovation and Strategy Center Okinawa (ISCO)
ISCO provides opportunities that can utilize the most advanced IT innovation technology to solve economic problems or other problems in the prefecture and create new values.
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)
OIST contributes to science and technology worldwide, attracts leading researchers from Japan and abroad to conduct high-quality research, advance the development of a world-class research hub, and nucleate a knowledge cluster that will catalyze technology transfer and industrial innovation in Okinawa.

Okinawa Prefecture Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association
Administrative scriveners as experts provide consultation in matters such as residency qualifications and approval procedures for business.
Okinawa Prefecture Judicial Scriveners Association
Judicial scriveners consult as an expert in registration procedures.
Okinawa Bar Association
Legal organization that all lawyers with law offices in Okinawa belong to.

Okinawa’s useful websites in English

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