Posted: 3月 23, 2020Updated: 3月 23, 2020

Cyber Tech Okinawa

Okinawa - Assets and Advantages

First is the goodness of the environment. Everlasting summer! Even if it says, in Okinawa in recent years the temperature is calm in the summer and it is easy to spend in the winter as well. There is something inconvenient if you do not have a car in a car society, but on the contrary there is no need to move to the train or bus, you can move at your own pace. Food and alcohol are also very tasty, drinking nice is perfect. There are plenty of greenery in the surroundings, and if you go up a bit on the hill, you can see a beautiful ocean from almost the place. I am told that the Internet environment is also improving and I will go north to the Kunigami area as well.
In terms of securing human resources with skills in IT relations, it is a bit harsher, but I feel that obedient prefecturality is an attractive advantage that will lead to growth in instruction and training.


Originally we had our own offshore base in Cebu, the Philippines, but from the perspective of various risk hedging, the establishment of a near shore base was interested.
Although there was also an option of Hokkaido, it was close to the Philippines in the distance, I chose Okinawa without hesitation as it is a hot area, and founded it in about 3 months from the decision.
Since about two years ago I was consulting with everyone in charge of the Okinawa Prefectural Government's attraction, so I was able to proceed very smoothly after the establishment decision, thank you for everything indebted.

Expanding to Okinawa

I think that choosing Okinawa was good in various ways.
We founded Nago City, but there was a distance to Naha more than I imagined (Okinawa main island was larger than I imagined)

Business Efforts in Okinawa and Future Plans

At the time of establishment in February 2016, we were engaged in supplementary work of Cebu IT outsourcing center and operation and maintenance work of web site operated by headquarters, but aiming to be able to gradually implement individual work as a nearshore base It is.
Since it operated the headquarter's Web site and gained certain results from the SEO side and also accumulated know-how, we have started a service that can accept the HTML coding service directly "Cyber Tech Okinawa" in August 2016 I will.
Currently, in order to foster the IT skills of the staff, we are improving skill by establishing various technical allowances, even simple typing skills and advanced web skills. In the future I hope to expand the range of skills more and more.