Posted: 2月 27, 2017Updated: 3月 23, 2020


Okinawa - Assets and Advantages

It is the temperate climate without freezing cold and the kindness of people.
And off is healed by the clear blue ocean.


It is that there were many employees from Okinawa.
If Okinawan people want to live by going home and have no office in Okinawa, you can not help quitting the company.
Even though I was not from Okinawa, there were cases where my wife was from Okinawa and wanted to go back.

Expanding to Okinawa

Before we set up there was only a resort-like impression.
After location, I felt that it was not only a resort but a place where I could live easily by being able to touch the depths and cultures unique to Okinawa.
Moreover, I realized again the warmth (ease of spending) in winter.

Business Efforts in Okinawa and Future Plans

Currently we develop development projects at headquarters (Yamanashi) and Tokyo headquarters and are doing development work in Okinawa.
There are no obstacles because meetings and meetings with headquarters and Tokyo headquarters use TV conference system.
In the future, we plan to secure a project that can contribute to the entire local Okinawa industry as well as to create a system that can trust the whole project, not cut out the project.