Posted: 2月 27, 2017Updated: 3月 23, 2020


Okinawa - Assets and Advantages

It is a healthy life where mutual aid minds such as "Ichibanbachi" and "Yu Maal" and the rich nature foster a relaxed time flow unique to the island that can not be tasted in the big city.
Foods and drinks are delicious!
Since "I want to work in attractive Okinawa", the number of excellent experienced entries has increased. There are more than one actual employment record.


I think that the proportion of the young population is the nation's most, and I think that we can nurture a lot of young and lively talent from now on. Moreover, various support systems are enriched, and is not it suitable for human resource development?
There is an episode that the president of the company realized it by watching the dreams that are working in the studio of Okinawa many times in his 30's.

Expanding to Okinawa

There is no influence of the typhoon so far as we imagined because there is a studio in the place a bit far from the sea (for now).
Because the sunlight is intense and the influence on the color taste of the PC monitor which the designer sees is great, it is necessary to close all the curtains and blinds during the day. Anything of dark color can fade anything quickly. Beyond imagination the sun is powerful.
Tourists from overseas are increasing rapidly, and many companies are entering from outside the prefecture, so it seems that various cultures are mixing together to form a truly champloo society.

Business Efforts in Okinawa and Future Plans

We develop and operate game applications for smartphones, R & D of VR, images for game machines, and 2D designs.
In the future, I hope to cooperate with offshore companies, gradually increase the number of staff and develop original content unique to Okinawa.