Posted on: 2月 28, 2017Update date: 3月 23, 2020


Charms and strengths of Okinawa

· Ease of life, warmth of people
· Average age is young and vibrant
(National average 45.0 years old, Okinawa 40.7 years, from the 2010 census)
· The damage risk due to the earthquake is low (no earthquake of intensity 5 or higher has occurred)
· Okinawa Prefecture is focusing on business attraction, especially IT and the financial system, and various support systems are enriched

Advancement cause

· From the point that it is possible to expect matching with our work that the above risk of disaster is low (superiority on BCP is high) and motivated young people can be active.

After approaching Okinawa

· There is not a particularly big impression change, but we would like to positively utilize information of prefecture, city, various administrative agencies.

Business details and future development in Okinawa

· Currently we are building a function as a satellite office in Tokyo headquarters, but in the future we plan to expand the bridge function connecting each branch office and business partner and expand business.