Posted: 2月 28, 2017Updated: 3月 23, 2020

Secure Innovation Inc.

Okinawa - Assets and Advantages

In Okinawa you can not beat the power of nature, there is power of people who live there.
Many of the young people here love and contribute to the development of Okinawa. Providing an environment that enables young people with such local love, seriousness to develop a solid foundation environment, can lead to a shortcut for business success in Okinawa.
Also, in Okinawa, excellent migrants who are searching for a wonderful natural environment from outside the prefecture will be a great strength. It is the charm and strength of Okinawa that is the richness of such human resources from inside and outside.


Security engineers are now short of talented people nationwide, and withdrawing talented people frequently in the inside. In Okinawa, where there is relatively little fluidity of human resources, there is a desire to lay the feet on the ground and nurture security engineers.

Expanding to Okinawa

I felt again that various support for managing venture is in place.

Business Efforts in Okinawa and Future Plans

We are training security personnel to establish SOC (Security Operation Center) which monitors the first security equipment in the prefecture. In addition to providing SOC services (currently monitoring operation in Osaka) to businesses and local governments, they provide support services for formulating security policies and vulnerability diagnosis services, and sell Log analysis software It is.
We plan to set up SOC in the prefecture in the future and plan to deploy security services originating from Okinawa nationwide and to Asia after taking advantage of Okinawa's special characteristics such as international submarine cable network in Okinawa.