Posted: 2月 28, 2017Updated: 3月 23, 2020

Okinawa Hi-Think Corporation

Okinawa - Assets and Advantages

We are a company that provides software development and maintenance and IT services. Diaire Hua Shin Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: DHC, China Dalian base) group that provides system development and maintenance, including offshore development, mainly for large enterprises and public institutions based in the metropolitan area Nearshore company We established as. Until now, we have offered development and maintenance services in the scheme of High Sync Japan Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: JHC, Tokyo base) that plays a role of bridge to upstream design and offshore development and DHC that is responsible for offshore development. In addition to our company, which is responsible for nearshore development and maintenance, we have established a scheme to provide more flexible development and maintenance services.
One of our strengths is the mobilization power of development staff at large-scale development. If you need a large development system, you can procure a large amount of IT human resources of the parent company.
Also, Okinawa has a lot of nature and the environment is good, so there is sharp change in public and private, so you can expect better work and quality of life.


We sympathized with the IT industry promotion policies and policies of Okinawa Prefecture, and also considered Okinawa as the location location of the nearshore base, thinking that it is an area that is attractive as a living base, calmly working and living.

Expanding to Okinawa

Although I was worried about opportunities to participate in various seminars, a lot of seminars such as seminars sponsored by the Okinawa Prefecture Information Industry Association were held, and worries were resolved.

Business Efforts in Okinawa and Future Plans

As an employee organization, we are planning 50% of Japanese engineers, 50% of Chinese engineers, temporary assignments from parent companies, transferring, etc, and we are proactively promoting Okinawa adoption (including UI turners).